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Dan Snyder on NY Giants: "I hate those mother f---ers."

Dan Snyder, like all football fans, is not afraid to speak his emotions after a big game.


USA Today reporter, Robert Klemko, was one the journalists inside the Redskins' locker room who threw in this gem of a quote from Dan Snyder, who was entering the festive, Redskins locker room like he always does:

This time, on Monday night, the media was allowed into the locker room earlier than usual, early enough to catch Dan Snyder offering congratulations to anyone who would take them.

He shook the hand of one staffer, telling him as he walked away, "I hate those mother-------."

My reaction to that quote:


Dan Snyder has been a punching bag for a long time, and he'll even tell you he deserves some of that blame. However, don't quotes like this just make you even happier to be a Redskins fan? Ever since Giants owner, John Mara, dropped this cap penalty quote earlier this year, Redskins fans and management have been on the same level of distaste:

"I thought the penalties imposed were proper," John Mara said at the time. "What they did was in violation of the spirit of the salary cap. They attempted to take advantage of a one-year loophole, and quite frankly, I think they're lucky they didn't lose draft picks."

Oh please. Is it ironic the only two teams in his division got the penalty when multiple teams dumped cap money into the uncapped year? Let's not go down that path again. The Redskins have won three straight. Instead, let's enjoy two other fantastic Dan Snyder post-game locker room moments:

A Jim Zorn 2008 win over Dallas. "YEA!! WHEN WE PLAY PHYSICAL WE WIN!!! "

2008 Philadelphia

There's also the time he was walking down the tunnel at the Linc post-game for McNabb's first win at Philly where he shouted: "Whooooo! Yeah! (fist pump) 4-1!!!!!" Unfortunately, YouTube has taken down all these videos for what I assume is copyrighted content of Fox Sports...but it was a good one.