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To Those About to Cheer...I Salute You

All over the world, Redskins fans are preparing for one of the biggest games they have seen in years.


Family has called me away from the Washington, D.C. area this weekend, causing me to miss the most important home game since I started going to every game about 12 years ago. It is my sincere hope that as many of you going tonight as possible consider it your duty to pick up my slack. I will be joining fellow Redskins fans in the town of Burlington, Vermont this evening to anxiously watch the game, but I will just as anxiously be watching to see what kind of home field advantage we cause. I believe that tonight will be the best home field advantage we have had at FedEx Field...ever.

On the Sundays when we have wielded considerable home field advantage in recent years, it has been enough to knock our opponents off their feet early. Dallas has felt it before...2005 and 2007 come to mind. Say what you will about the great fans in towns like Kansas City, Baltimore and Green Bay...when Redskins fans put their minds to it, there is no home field advantage that bests us. When we decide to channel the energy and history of our RFK Stadium roots and direct it toward men wearing stars on their helmets, the contest is often decided before the first whistle.

Get there early. Tailgate your guts out. Take your seat. Let the Cowboys know they are not in friendly territory.

I'll be with you at FedEx Field tonight in spirit...joined by legions of fans around the world that congregate daily here at Hogs Haven. Get me a win so I can get into that parking lot at least one more time next week for a home playoff game.

Good luck. Drive safely.

Hail To The Redskins!