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RGIII Talks About If He'd Want to Be on the Madden Cover

RGIII doesn't believe in curses but wants to keep Redskins fans happy.

I tweeted out that above Photoshopped image of RGIII this weekend and Redskins fans responded pretty clearly they never want to see this happen due to the infamous Madden curse. Here's what RGIII had to say in a recent ESPN video interview:

I'm not superstitious. I don't believe in curses, but I think our fans would be highly upset if I got on the cover, so it's something...I'll tackle that issue when it comes up.

Here's a list of some Madden covers that didn't work out so well...

  • 1999 Garrison Hearst (broken leg)
  • 2000 Barry Sanders (retired abruptly before season)
  • 2001 Eddie George (lower production next season)
  • 2002 Daunte Culpepper (knee injury)
  • 2003 Marshall Faulk (leg injury)
  • 2004 Michael Vick (broken leg, preseason)
  • 2005 Ray Lewis (injuries, less production)
  • 2006 Donovan McNabb (season ending sports hernia injury)
  • 2007 Shaun Alexander (injuries, less production)
  • 2010 - Larry Fitzgerald (ribs) and Troy Polamalu (knee injury)
  • 2012 Peyton Hillis (hamstring, 10 games played)

Drew Brees escaped the curse making it through the 2011 season although the year ended abruptly with the playoff loss to SEA.