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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

The Redskins have a great opportunity tonight to get a quality win in December against a first-place team. If a new era has really begun, tonight will be yet another amazing chapter in the story.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

1. I really respect my three week-old daughter today. It takes a lot of courage to put her 2-0 record on the line tonight on national television, against the division leading New York Giants. Seeing her bravely march through the NFC East like this makes me really wonder...what in God's name were the other two kids doing all this time? It's one thing to let a newborn sibling take the heat for things like broken picture frames, nostril-assaulting flatulence or dented car doors, but the Eagles, Cowboys AND the Giants? I guess we know who will be getting her own room.

2. Monday Night Football offers Washington metro area drivers the opportunity to participate in a rush hour that is as mind-blowingly frustrating as it is early. I always advise folks to get there as soon as they can for any game, but on Mondays, I strenuously object to dilly-dallying. You will find yourself listening to the kickoff on the radio.

3. The NFC playoff picture is a real peach. It seems like pretty much everyone is alive still, with only a couple exceptions (sorry, Philly). We'll of course know a lot more about our own team by this time tomorrow, but it would seem that the Redskins should be listed under the "In the Hunt" column for the next few weeks almost regardless of our performance. A win tonight and the Redskins are the first team out of the playoffs (to borrow a March Madness bracketology term). This is a race you want to lead from the front of because there are too many tie-breaking situations with too many teams to try and make up ground from one or two back in Week 16 and 17.

4. As long as we are talking about the wild card picture, I have to say that I am as disappointed in Chicago as I am impressed by Seattle. Someone who shall remain nameless (think devilishly good looks, amazing chest hair and a beard that would scare off even the most indiscriminate girls) loved Russell Wilson. I keep thinking he will hit that wall, but he keeps on performing. It would appear that the only real hope Washington has of overtaking the Seahawks is if their starting pair of cornerbacks end up having to serve their four-game suspensions. Not many defenses can handle losing two corners, but these two are particularly strong and physical defenders--Seattle would suffer if they sat out.

5. I am quietly, cautiously optimistic about tonight. I just know our offense can move the ball against the Giants. I just know Robert Griffin III can get first downs. I also know that Eli Manning doesn't fool around in December. I know that their defense is as professional as it gets the closer it gets to the postseason. I know that Tom Coughlin is worth a point or two on the sidelines. The Giants are a team you just can't afford to make dumb mistakes against. Turnovers, costly penalties and poor clock management are all things that could be the difference between winning and losing for a Redskins team that will have its hands full on defense.

6. This could be one of those "Weather the Storm" kind of games, where the Giants jump out to a lead that will cause a lot of heart trouble at FedEx. It would be nice if it was similar to Dallas' 3-0 lead they had before we exploded on Thanksgiving, but if we played the same first quarter against New York as we did against the Cowboys, we would likely be facing a bigger deficit. Since I don't (or can't) predict a blowout win for the Redskins, I will have to assume that we are going to win this one at the end. We came close to doing just that against New York the first time, but just couldn't hold on. Tonight is a different story, as the Redskins will bring home the win, 34-27. Don't sleep on Kai Forbath tonight, y'all!