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Daily Slop: RG3 Showing Grace Under Pressure for Redskins; Barry Cofield, Stephen Bowen are Washington’s Unsung Heroes

The latest Redskins news from around the web.

Patrick McDermott


Elfin: The Not So ‘Terrible Two’s’ for the Redskins " CBS DC
There’s something about the years ending in 2 for the Redskins. The franchise was born in Boston in 1932. Washington won its second NFL title in 1942. A decade later, its signature player, Hall of Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh retired after a then-record 16 seasons.

Redskins-Cowboys Is A Really, Really, Really Expensive Ticket | Mr. Irrelevant, a D.C. Sports Blog by the Brothers Mottram
Sunday night’s Redskins-Cowboys game (AKA The NFC East Championship) is not only this week’s most expensive NFL ticket, it’s the most expensive regular season NFL ticket in four years. That’s according to our ticket partner TiqIQ, at least, which says the No. 2 game is Cowboys at Saints in 2009 and No. 3 is Steelers at Cowboys earlier this year. Tickets are averaging $719, and you can’t get in for less than $267. If someone gave you one for Christmas, cherish them dearly. If not, it’s Dallas, and getting Redskins tickets here is as good a bet as any. Happy hunting.

The Redskins Blog | ‘Skins Represented All-Around In Pro Bowl

Cooley calls Redskins’ winning streak ‘the most exciting part of my career’
"I think this run has been the most exciting part of my career," Cooley said in the locker room at Redskins Park. "It’s been amazing seeing this team get the success that you work for every year. It’s hard when you’re not winning to come to work every week and keep doing the things you’re doing. It’s such a strange game because when you’re not winning it’s like every week is for naught. So the run we’ve had this year has made this so much fun.

Do You Want the Dallas Game to Matter? | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
If the Packers and Lions win their respective games then some pressure may be taken off of Redskins fans. That scenario means that if the Skins lose then they'll likely be heading for a first round match up against the San Francisco 49ers. But the real question is if this scenario plays out will the Redskins feel pressure taken off or will they treat Sunday night like a must-win game? With one swoop the Redskins could claim their first division title since 1999 and knock their rivals out of the playoffs. A win would also solidify only the second home playoff game in FedEx Field history, likely against Russell Wilson's Seahawks.

Maurice Hurt says he’ll be ready if needed for another start at right tackle
"I think I’ll be more comfortable than I was the last week just because the amount of reps I played this last weekend and the experience I got at the position," Hurt said after Wednesday’s practice. "I think I’ll be more comfortable this week than I was last week." Hurt started at guard in the second half of last season and only began getting regular practice-field snaps at tackle, he said, in recent weeks. He said he had an idea last Friday that he might start in Philadelphia but didn’t know for certain until Saturday. "There’s a lot I can improve on," Hurt said. "But I think all in all, I did okay. I’m my worst critic. So I feel like I can definitely improve and get a lot better."

Polumbus, Briscoe miss practice, Gomes, Fletcher limited

Cowboys-Redskins: Comparing the QBs - NFC East Blog - ESPN
It's not a slight on Romo, who ranks 10th in the league in our QB rankings, but rather a reflection of just how effective RG III is in the Redskins' system. Washington's running game feeds off RG III's versatility, and in turn, he feeds off the success of the running game to destroy opponents with play-action. He has the highest percentage of play-action drop-backs (39.2 percent) among all quarterbacks, and it's no surprise that he's thrown nine touchdowns and is averaging 12.2 yards per attempt while doing so. Dallas has the defensive ability to slow down RG III and has an offense that can score quickly. But considering the season that RG III has had, I wouldn't bet against him.

NFC East Pro Bowl analysis - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Perfect sense: Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III ranks second in the league in passer rating behind Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and has

Will Romo or RG3 prevail? - NFL Videos
Can Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III lead his team to a victory over Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys to clinch a playoff spot? How far can Russell Wilson lead the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs? Kurt Warner gives his answers.

Need to Know: RG3 will run more, unless he doesn't - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
"The knee is fine," Griffin said Wednesday at Redskins Park. "Whatever I feel like I can do on that day, I will. [But] I’ll be able to do more against the Cowboys than I was against Philly." Shanahan said that Griffin could have done more running against the Eagles but they chose to play it safe. He said that won’t necessarily be the case on Sunday. "I think as every day goes [by], and you see somebody get more comfortable, more comfortable, you have a gut feel [for] when he can do everything," Shanahan said.

Video: Theismann thinks the Redskins can play with anybody - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

RG3 showing grace under pressure for Redskins - Washington Times
"If you’re going to be compared to the greats, you’re going to have to win some big games," coach Mike Shanahan said. "I love the way Robert has handled himself since he’s been here. He doesn’t handle himself like a rookie. He handles himself like a veteran the way he prepares, the way he works, the intangibles, how important football is. That’s all the things that you look for in a quarterback. He has all those things."

Redskins-Cowboys: Barry Cofield, Stephen Bowen are Washington’s unsung heroes - The Washington Post
"For people who really don’t understand football, you wouldn’t have any idea how hard that is for [interior linemen] to get after the quarterback like that in our defense," inside linebacker Perry Riley said. "You’re taking on all those linemen, you’re getting double-teamed . . . and they’re still making it happen. It’s definitely been a difference for our whole defense."

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon makes a difference in everything he gets his hands on - The Washington Post
Off the field, he helps Haiti. On it, he plays ‘angry’ and his team is 8-1 when he plays. Everything Pierre Garcon touches ends up better off.

Trent Williams: Pro Bowl nomination evidence of personal growth - Washington Times
"I set out at the beginning of the year – well, really, since I got drafted – just to be honored as one of the top players in the NFL," Williams said Wednesday night, "and for that to come true in my third year is truly exciting."