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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Latest Redskins news from around the web.

Alex Trautwig


Redskins’ post-bye turnaround significantly lowers position of 2013 draft pick owed to St. Louis
Indeed, the Redskins will not have to fork over a top-10 pick in the coming draft. The one drawback is that their second-round pick will not be as high, either. But given the current run they are on, the chance to win their first division title since 1999 and make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, and the heroics Griffin has provided, it’s safe to say that no one within the organization has any buyer’s remorse.

Griffin III NFL Rookie Of The Week Nominee
Another Redskins' team win and another NFL Rookie of the Week nomination for Robert Griffin III, who has not lost in six previous nominations this season.

Power Rankings: Redskins carry the flag - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Only one NFC East team left in the top 10 in this week's Power Rankings. Let's take a look at the way our division's teams stack up.

Film breakdown: Barry Cofield’s "playoffs on the line" kind of play – Blogging the bEast

"That was my JJ Watt impersonation," said Cofield after the game, who was referring to the Houston Texans phenom who has made an art of the batted pass. Cofield, however, is no stranger to the batted pass himself. According to, it was his 4th of the year, a total that is just second to Ryan Kerrigan (five) for the team lead in that department. In 2011, Cofield led the team with seven batted passes, which was also the most among all defensive tackles in the NFL. "I feel like whenever I’m able to disrupt the quarterback," Cofield said, "if I can get a fingertip on (the ball), more times than not (the secondary) is going to be able to make a play."

The Redskins Blog | Morris: ‘Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year’

"I think I hear that comparison more than any other comparison, is the Terrell Davis one. It’s an honor just to be mentioned in the same line as Terrell Davis. He’s such a great back. I grew up watching him; I grew up watching the Broncos and the Green Bay Packers, so, I mean, just to be mentioned with him is an honor in itself."

Tony Dungy’s Playbook: Who will win NFC East? | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

In the latest edition of Tony Dungy’s Playbook, Dungy says that he thinks the Cowboys will win. While the Redskins have gotten Robert Griffin III back after his knee injury, Dungy thinks the Tony Romo-Dez Bryant connection is what can put Dallas over the top even though the Cowboys are coming off a tough loss to the Saints that they have to mentally get over.

Can Dallas Cowboys D stop RG3? - NFL Videos

Will the Dallas Cowboys defense slow down the Washington Redskins on Sunday? Our analysts explain why turnovers will play a major role in the outcome.

Need to Know: A very simple winning formula - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

You don’t need to be a numbers cruncher with a degree in advanced calculus to figure out why the Redskins are on the verge of the playoffs. They are scoring points. This is not something they have done well in recent years. Since 1999 they have been ranked 20th or worse in the NFL in points scored 10 times. In eight of those seasons they were 25th or worse. They have been ranked in the teens in scoring twice. In 2005 they were 13th and made the playoffs as a wild card and in 2007 they made the playoffs ranked 18th in points scored. And they have been in the top five twice. In 1999 they were second in scoring and they won the NFC East. This year they are fourth and are on the verge of winning their first division title since that ’99 season.

Playoff Scenarios: Why must the Redskins win? | CSN Washington

Shanahan: RG3 back to 'full speed' - Washington Times

"We have a game plan going in. Sometimes there’s more run action than you saw or play-action passes or sometimes we’ll run more," he said. "In that game, we decided not to go in that direction. Not as much; we did a few times. We did a little bit more quarterback keeps than we did running the football, but that was by design."

An aging London Fletcher marshals experience, energy for Redskins run to the playoffs - The Washington Post

Throughout the week, Fletcher looks every day of his age. He has flecks of gray in his stubble and occasionally limps through the locker room. But his teammates say something happens on Sundays. For those three hours, Fletcher seems hungrier and more able than his younger teammates. He plays the same way he did more than a dozen years ago, when, as a 5-foot-10 long shot, he began his career with two Super Bowl appearances in four seasons with the St. Louis Rams.

Sunday’s Redskins-Cowboys game will join just a handful of others that define the rivalry - The Washington Post

"This game is going to be unbelievable," said Redskins tight end Chris Cooley, who has played the Cowboys 13 times in nine seasons. "This is what should be one of the best rivalries in all of football, one of the top two or three games in all of football . . . but it hasn’t been Redskins-Cowboys where we both have great teams."

Ryan Kerrigan: Three-Time 4th & Pain Champion, Ready For Dallas! / Win WWE Tickets | 4th & Pain with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll

Move over Alfred Morris! Ryan Kerrigan becomes the second player to be name a three-time 4th & Pain Champion thanks to his two-sack, five-tackle and forced fumble effort against the Philadelphia Eagles that helped pull the Washington Redskins within a hair of the postseason!

HTTR 24-7 - A Closer Look at the 2013 Draft

In 2012 the strengths of the draft were in the CB position and also the OL. This year in 2013 the draft looks exceptionally strong at the OT and WR positions on Offense and the CB and S positions on D. So what that in mind lets take a look at some of the top prospects at each position

Hall Enjoying X-Factor Role On Defense
“Making the play isn’t always about actually making the play. It’s sometimes about being in the right position while somebody else makes the play,” Hall explained. “Doing your job sometimes is ‘making the play.’ We’ve done a great job as a coaching staff, as players, trying to respond and counteract what [the opposing offense is] doing and it’s been working for us.”