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Daily Slop: DeJon Gomes has a Partially Torn MCL, Playing Status Unclear; Redskins Already Ready for the Cowboys

Redskins media links roundup.

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Redskins-Cowboys to Play Out NFC East in Prime Time Sunday Night " CBS DC
The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys will play for the NFC East division championship seven hours later than originally scheduled after getting flexed to prime time Sunday.

Shanahan: "Your Goals Are To Win The Division" " CBS DC
"Your goals are to win the division, you always want that home playoff game," Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan said on the team’s chance to win the NFC East for the first time since 1999 on Sunday.

The Redskins Blog | Redskins-Cowboys Have SNF History
The Redskins are 1-5 all-time in Sunday Night Football matchups against their rivals to the southwest: - Nov. 5, 1989: 13-3 Cowboys - Dec. 27, 1998: 23-7 Cowboys - Sept. 17, 2006: 27-10 Cowboys - Nov. 16, 2008: 14-10 Cowboys - Dec. 27, 2009: 17-0 Cowboys - Sept. 12, 2010: 13-7 Redskins

Washington Redskins Vs Dallas Cowboys Week 17 (Promo Video)
The Redskins come into this game riding a 6 game winning streak and looking for their first division title since 1999!

The Redskins Blog | Getting Sick Nothing New For Fletcher
"My stomach is notorious around here on game day," Fletcher said with a laugh after the Redskins’ 27-20 victory. "It’s hard for me to keep anything down." Fletcher got over the nerves and turned in another terrific performance in his 239th consecutive game played, as he had nine tackles, a pass defended and an interception — his fifth of the season. "It’s a tough life; tough game," Fletcher said. "But, nah, I’m not sick. That’s just every week for me."

Redskins quick hitters: injury updates, Shanahan admits mistake |
Shanahan said he never consulted with his coaches in the booth about the backwards pass by Griffin. Why? Because when he saw the play on the scoreboard it looked clear to him that it was a forward pass. So he threw the challenge flag. "When I threw it I had everyone upstairs saying that was a lateral," Shanahan said. "I screwed that one up. I threw it quicker than I should have. When I saw it right away I thought that thing was definitely a forward pass. I was wrong."

DeJon Gomes has a partially torn MCL in his left knee, playing status unclear
Shanahan called Gomes’s injury a second-degree MCL sprain, meaning the ligament is partially but not completely torn. Center Will Montgomery played against the Eagles with a similar injury. But Shanahan said the demands of Gomes’s position are different and Gomes will be evaluated in practices this week.

Mike Shanahan: Redskins unfazed by flexing of Sunday’s game against Dallas
"I don’t worry about things I can’t control. We’re going to give them our best shot either way," Shanahan said. "You look to your goals: to win the division. You always want that home playoff game, and we’ll prepare as if that’s the most important thing. That’s what we set our goals at the beginning of the season: to win the division and have a home playoff game. Hopefully we can accomplish those goals."

Eagles QB Nick Foles played second half against Redskins with broken throwing hand
Eagles Coach Andy Reid announced Monday that an MRI exam revealed that Foles suffered a hairline fracture of his throwing hand late in the first half. The injury was not detected by an initial X-ray, according to Reid.

Redskins extend multiple-turnover, multiple-sack streak to three games
For the third consecutive game, and 10th time this season, Washington recorded multiple turnovers, forcing a Nick Foles fumble on a sack by Ryan Kerrigan and an interception of Foles by linebacker London Fletcher

Need to Know: It's going to be cold - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The Cowboys already have the cold on their minds. Jason Garrett was asked about it in his presser yesterday. "We’ll tell guys to get out there early and get comfortable with what they’re wearing (to stay warm). Ultimately, you don’t want your equipment to beat you," Garrett said. "You want to make sure your equipment is right so you can focus on playing and coaching football."

DALY: Redskins churn along without Brian Orakpo, Fred Davis - Washington Times
As for Orakpo, replacement Rob Jackson hasn’t racked up as many sacks (4.5) as Brian does, but he’s helped in other areas. In one sequence Sunday in Philadelphia, he stopped Bryce Brown for no gain, dropped LeSean McCoy for a 2-yard loss and broke up a pass to Jeremy Maclin — all in the space of four plays. Jackson also has three interceptions this season, one for a touchdown; Orakpo is still looking for his first NFL pick.

Grading the Redskins: RG3 efficient in return | CSN Washington

Redskins already ready for the Cowboys
"As the day grew late and victory had been assured, a clamor rose in the stands behind FedEx Field’s northwest end zone yesterday afternoon," my former colleague Les Carpenter once wrote, back in Jim Zorn’s first season. "It started small, buried in the throats of the heartiest few, the truest of believers and then slowly wafted into the afternoon sky." We want Dallas! We want Dallas! We want Dallas! " It bounced from seat to seat, row to row, until it had blossomed into a minor roar."We want Dallas! We want Dallas! We want Dallas! "