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Daily Slop: Kai Forbath Sets NFL Record With 17-for-17 Start; Redskins Wins Keep Coming by any Means Necessary

Redskins media links roundup.

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Ten Observations: Redskins 27, Eagles 20 |
Ryan Kerrigan played one of his more active games of the season. But after some quiet weeks in the middle of the season, Kerrigan already had started to come around in recent games. They let him rush almost all of the time from his usual left end spot. But Kerrigan was facing a former college teammate in rookie Dennis Kelly. But the key here: Kelly is 6-foot-8. Kerrigan’s game plan clearly was to get upfield, then get underneath Kelly and it worked. That’s how he applied much of his pressure throughout the game.

RG3 Report: Griffin leads Redskins over Eagles |
The Redskins were wise to not put a lot of stress on Robert Griffin III’s knee by having him run a lot. He only carried on one designed run with another run coming out of the pocket. My thought was that if he’s on the field, play him as you normally would. But the Redskins clearly didn’t think his knee was ready for such work. Besides, they didn’t need him to play that way.

washington redskins' five biggest surprises of 2012 | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
If a defense tries to take away the run, Griffin beats them with his arm. If they try to take away the pass, RGIII or Morris pick up chunks of yards at a time on the ground. Simply put — the rest of the NFL is forced to make their best guess what’s coming next because the younger Shanahan has turned the Redskins into the team no one wants to play.

Redskins-Cowboys Week 17 game is moved to prime time on NBC
"Absolutely," Hall said. "We want to be the only show on TV. That’s a good feeling. Prime time, baby." Asked what he expects, Hall said: "Pandemonium at FedEx Field. The way you like it. It’s definitely going to be a playoff atmosphere. We encourage the fans to get on out there early. Let’s go ahead and flex this game. And we’ll make it real nice."

DeJon Gomes suffers sprained MCL
Redskins safety DeJon Gomes suffered an MCL sprain in his left knee on the opening kickoff of the third quarter, and didn’t return to action. Coach Mike Shanahan said that the team didn’t know immediately after the game how severe the injury is, and that the second-year pro will be evaluated as the week progresses.

Kai Forbath sets NFL record with 17-for-17 start
"It’s awesome," said Forbath, a first-year player out of UCLA. "I couldn’t have asked for a better start and being with guys like [long-snapper] Nick Sundberg and [punter/holder] Sav Rocca, and having all the trust in them that they’ll get the ball down just makes my job a lot easier. I’ve been happy we’ve converted on all our attempts so far, and [I’m] going to take it one week at a time like we’ve been doing."

Offense Adapts To Griffin III’s Limitations
"I was just getting out of bounds," Griffin III recalled after the game. "Five yards is fine on any down, so we just want to get ourselves in a good position so I took the liberty of taking a nice stroll to the sidelines."

Defense Continues To Dial Up Pressure
"It feels good to have one of my better games in a win, especially a hard-fought win like this where it came down to the last minute," Kerrigan said. "Like I keep saying every week, we’ve just got keep using this and keep building on for next week."

Robert Griffin III has Redskins on brink of NFC East title -
RG3 has the Redskins on the brink of their first division title in 13 years. That development is amazing considering that A) their own coach counted the team out in early November, B) many pundits followed along, and C) RG3 had suffered a knee injury that looked to derail the team's postseason aspirations.

Redskins playoff scenarios: Best way is win and in - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The Redskins must beat Dallas next week to win the NFC East. Period. If they beat Dallas they will win the division because of the best overall. If they lose to Dallas they will lose the tiebreaker to them. They will have split head to head and they both would have 4-2 division records. The next tiebreaker is best record in common games. The Cowboys have that tiebreaker. Some believe that the tiebreaker after division record is conference record. It is not

Washington Redskins Postgame Thoughts Week 16 | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
My first thought after the game was that was too close of a win against a bad Eagles team. But then I thought about it and a win is a win and that makes six in a row. Now the Redskins have a week to get ready for the Dallas Cowboys and a chance to win the NFC East. I didn't expect the Eagles to lay down especially in Andy Reid's last home game. It wasn't spectacular on either offense or defense like we have seen in recent weeks but it was a win and that is what Washington needed.

After earlier losses, Redskins finally pull out a close one - Washington Times
"You count your blessings," nose tackle Barry Cofield said, "but at the same time, the work you put in Wednesday through Friday makes you feel like you deserve to have the ball bounce your way every once in a while."

Redskins-Eagles: Recap - Washington Times
Play of the game: The touchdown that gave the Redskins their final margin of victory was a thing of beauty, with RG3 showing flawless timing to wait out Santana Moss as he broke toward the left corner of the end zone, then dropping the ball right in the receiver’s arms as Moss dragged his left toe to stay inbounds.

DALY: Redskins' wins keep coming by any means necessary - Washington Times
This time, it was the Philadelphia Eagles who fell before them, 27-20 at Lincoln Financial Field. The outcome wasn’t decided until the final snap, when Philly quarterback Nick Foles was called for intentional grounding on a play from the Washington 5 (and the required 10-second runoff killed what was left of the clock). You can’t cut it much closer than that.

Mysterious Cowboys still a puzzle as season’s final game approaches - The Washington Post
Do you expect the perplexing, dumbfounding Cowboys who suffered yet another upset loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in overtime, 34-31? Or the touchdown-a-minute monsters who almost won a game that seemed unwinnable? Do you plan for the team that can look like a still life? Or the one that can leave you thunderstruck with feats like two touchdowns in the final 3 minutes 35 seconds against the Saints?

The RGIII Christmas carol