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Dallas Week Starts Now; Redskins Outlast Eagles 27-20

Redskins squeak by the Eagles to get to 9-6.

Patrick McDermott

The Eagles put up a good fight. Is anyone else worried about the defensive tackling? The lack of pass rush was again a problem as Nick Foles had all day. Romo and Dez will surely put up more points. There's time to discuss that later in the week. Let's instead enjoy the Redskins 6th consecutive win with the Giants still having to face a tough Ravens teams. Some key highlights:

  • Alfred Morris went over 300 carries for the season...first time since Portis five years ago a Redskins RB did that.
  • 4 Redskins WRs with 500+ yards receiving now.
  • 6 wins in a row....Dallas getting crushed. Who predicted 9 wins with one to go? (not me)
  • Redskins got 10 points off the two Eagles turnovers
  • Redskins were 2-2 in the red zone.
  • Redskins had 128 rushing yards (Morris 91)
  • Cooley got his 1st reception of the season. 8 years running now.