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Happy Holidays From Hogs Haven

Sites like Hogs Haven exist because fans care enough to bond together and passionately root together. To those about to cheer...I salute you.

Patrick Smith

Unlike previous years when many of you would check in on Hogs Haven this time of the season for little more than a laugh, the Washington Redskins are playing meaningful football. I expect that we will all be as actively engaged as we ever have. While it will still be business as usual as we make our way to the playoffs, I wanted to make sure that everyone got a holiday wish from all of us here.

Since I am at the keyboard, I thought I would change it up this year and make sure I got a few special Thank You's in for the crew here. I appreciate your indulgence as I send a few special messages out to the Hogs Haven staff.

Kevin Ewoldt: He might be the best getaway driver we have here at Hogs Haven, but it is only because he is an expert at getting him and I into one pickle after another. If you were going to have a partner in crime, you couldn't ask for a better wheel man. I would argue that nobody works harder than Kevin at Hogs Haven and nobody "feels" the pain of the workload more than Kevin. You are a hell of a friend and a gifted navigator for this site. We started out cracking jokes at each other's expense more than fifteen years ago, and we have made it all the way to the...small-time? It continues to be fun and it continues to be worth it. If I go any further, my tears will short circuit my computer. Merry Christmas, brother.

Parks Smith: You might be moving on to do other things, but not before we reiterate what an integral part you have been to this site over the last three years. I see people not getting you everyday and it kills me. I live for your abrasive, trash-talking texts as it gives me an opportunity to throw it back to someone I know will never get offended. I can't tell you how much of a pleasure it has been to work with you on this project that is little more than a passion project for us all. It sucks out loud that we can't do this full-time and make enough to support our families, but I know in my heart that you will never be too far away from the comments section. And I am not done begging for you to write some draft preview material for us. Happy Kwanzaa, brother.

Steve Shoup: In addition to leaning on Steve to back me up on podcasts and make me look smart by agreeing with whatever outlandish BS I spout out, Steve is also a gifted soprano. I dare you not to cry after listening to his rendition of "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral." Steve, you bring credibility, legitimacy, and wisdom to Hogs Haven...and an ass that won't quit (according to Kevin). I couldn't be prouder of you and Megan's work at Fanspeak. I look forward to a huge 2013 for us all. Happy New Year, brother.

Mark Bullock, aka UKRedskin...aka Lil Mac: Just when you think you know what you are talking about when it comes to football, some 20-something British dude who just discovered the NFL comes along and makes you feel like a complete moron. Thanks Mark. I am constantly amazed and impressed by your dedication to learning the principles and fundamentals of the game. More than that, I am completely thankful for your efforts in helping us all to understand the intricacies that we sometimes miss. I appreciate you, you blimey, knobjockeying tosser. (Did I get that right?) Happy Boxing Day, brother.

Phil, aka HTTR4LIFE: I want everyone to know that there is one person you could set your clock to here at Hogs Haven. There is one person who is responsible for the MOST READ and HIGHEST RATED post here at Hogs Haven. Phil, we can't thank you enough for what you do. It seems so simple, but what you do every day with the Daily Slop is beyond words. In addition to providing storylines and plots to follow, you regularly stoke the most ridiculous and wide-ranging discussions we have on this site. We continue to be lucky to have you and I sincerely hope you keep liking us enough to stick around here. Happy Festivus, brother.

Dan Ciarrocchi: Dan, people are just beginning to clue into your Pro Football Focus background and the wealth of interesting information that goes along with it. Obviously, everyone loves your sack. Thanks for diving into things here and we have high hopes for your continued growth in this community. (Your sack is already the perfect size...according to Kevin.) Happy New Year, brother.

Keely Diven: Well...what can I say...I have been pushing for a female voice here at Hogs Haven for years but the right one never came along...until now. Keely, your voice is extremely important here at Hogs Haven and my hope is that you continue to use it. We have very high hopes for you in 2013. Bring it! Happy Hanukkah, sister.

Mackenzie Rivers: Imagine my surprise when I get an email from Mike Shanahan's nephew looking to get his journalism career started here at Hogs Haven! In addition to being a good writer with great ideas on how to expand the styles represented here, he is also great with kids! Hahaha...Mackenzie, sorry for my kids loving you so much! Hahaha...must be the beard! Happy Winter Solstice, brother.

Mark Tyler: Tiller, I am already anticipating your college scouting many Penn State players are going to sneak into the top tiers? I appreciate your love of the game and your dedication to the Hogs Haven community. You have been around here a long time and I dare say that there are plenty of people on this site that you have impressed with your analysis. Happy Epiphany, brother.

Harrison Weinhold, Katie Garrett: You guys are the newest to the Hogs Haven team but people probably already know your stuff as some of the best writing on this site...f you guys! Seriously, thank you for not only raising the bar of coverage around here, but also for injecting fresh perspectives and new blood. We could not keep this site going without the contributions from new writers like you. Happy Inauguration/Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, brother/sister!

Liger, Dr WNC, Rekka: As the ombudsmen of this site, you get to receive my thanks for the greater readership. On a personal note, I appreciate you three so much as you have been involved in reading and commenting on a regular basis as long as I have been here. I look forward to your year-end assessment of the job we are doing and I encourage all to channel suggestions, gripes and kudos through these three--they are worthy representatives of the kind of good people that come to Hogs Haven every day. On behalf of all the contributors to Hogs Haven, let me tell you that it is the greatest honor in the world to serve the Redskins fanbase. To everyone who makes Hogs Haven a regular stop on their daily digital journey, thank you for caring, thank you for reading...thank you for not being easily offended.