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Redskins Can Clinch Playoff Spot This Week

The details of the Redskins playoff picture week 16.

Rob Carr

Per the NFL:

Washington clinches a playoff spot with:

Redskins win vs Eagles + NYG loss (at Baltimore) + CHI loss (at Arizona) + MIN loss (at Houston)

If the Redskins win out, they win the NFC East. Not to upset anyone, but the Redskins released their 2012 playoff ticket plan:

The Redskins announced Monday that season ticket holders will be able to purchase tickets to the first round of the playoffs starting Thursday, Dec. 27. Tickets go on sale to the general public two days later.

The Redskins are offering two ways to reserve seats: "Pay-When-We-Are-In" (credit card only), or Pay In Full (check or money order). If the Redskins don't make the playoffs, credit cards won't be charged. Or, the check payments will be applied to 2013 tickets.