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Family of Redskins LB London Fletcher involved in post-game altercation

Three relatives of London Fletcher were arrested after an altercation in Cleveland following the Browns-Redskins game.


Three relatives of Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher were arrested in connection with an altercation Sunday afternoon that followed the Redskins' victory over the Cleveland Browns.

According to a report from ABC 5 in Cleveland/Akron, Fletcher's cousins, Hasaan Robinson and Douglas Robinson, and his unnamed 18-year-old nephew were arrested.

Fletcher's aunt reportedly suffered a heart attack during the altercation, which other members of Fletcher's family said involved angry Browns fans as the family and the fans were leaving Sunday's game. Fletcher is a Cleveland native and went to high school in the area.

According to other family members, police who responded to the altercation used Tasers and arrested the three family members on scene.

Fletcher's aunt, 57-year-old Evette Robinson, was taken to local MetroHealth Medical Center, where her condition is unknown.

In the Redskins' win, Fletcher record seven tackles and grabbed one interception against Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden in a 38-21 victory.

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