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Washington Redskins 2013 Mock Draft

An updated look at how the first five rounds could go for the Washington Redskins in April's draft.


Another week another mock draft, anyways I wanted to share with everyone my latest 5 round 2013 NFL Mock Draft. My focus as always is on the Redskins biggest problem areas, CB, S, OL and pass rush, as I look to mix production with potential.

2nd Round: CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State

-Though I'd probably rather grab a safety or OT here, most of the top names are off the board. Poyer though is a nice fall back option. He doesn't have top corner talent, but should be able to be a very good number two corner. He has nice size and speed, while displaying good ball instincts. He should be capable of starting right away for the Redskins.

3rd Round: CB Bennett Jackson, Notre Dame

-Jackson is a junior and may not declare, but if he were he'd be a nice pick-up in the 3rd round. He's a bit more raw, but possesses nice size and really good speed and quickness. He could be an ideal option in the slot, especially given how physical he likes to be with receivers. He's not afraid of making a tackle, and has a strong special teams background, which should help him contribute more early on.

4th Round: OT Brian Winters, Kent State

-The offensive line remains a serious concern, in particular the heavy pressure that RGIII is constantly under, and the Redskins need to continue to try to develop a deep/strong unit. Winters is moving up draft boards with a strong season at Kent State. He fits as either a RT or guard, and would be a nice pick-up later in the 4th round. He could challenge for a starting role as a rookie, but is more likely to be more of an option for 2014.

5th Round: DE Margus Hunt, SMU

Hunt has high upside given his size and frame, but has been wildly inconsistent. He could go higher since he should test out really well, but he's more of a developmental prospect and role player for the next few years which limits his value. He would be an excellent pick-up for the Skins given his upside. He could also help out with fixing one of the league's worst pass rushes, since that is the one thing he does well.

5th Round: RB Rex Burkhead, Nebraska

There is about a 99.9% chance that Mike Shanahan uses a 5th-7th round pick on a running back, even with the breakout performance of Alfred Morris. Considering how much the Redskins are relying on the running game it is actually a really smart use of a pick as well. Burkhead will fall some due to some injuries and lack of elite speed, but he's a smart, though runner who could excel in the ZBS.

What do you guys think, who would you take instead in your Mock Draft?