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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Latest Redskins news from around the web.



Alfred Morris Playing Lou Gehrig to RGIII’s Babe Ruth " CBS DC
"He’s a very powerful, tough, downhill runner who could have played for Coach [Vince} Lombardi and Coach [George Allen]," Brown said of Morris while referencing his Hall of Fame coaches who preceded Gibbs in Washington.

Wilson: RGIII and Kirk Cousins Give Redskins an Indefensible One-Two Punch " CBS DC
"One thing about Kirk, he may not get the practice reps with the offense as much, but he has every rep with the defense," Wilson explained. "He’s going against the starting defense every day. He doesn’t have any fear … He gives us great looks, can make every thrown and is a good quarterback."

Skins’ Playoff Chances About 50/50 | Mr. Irrelevant, a D.C. Sports Blog by the Brothers Mottram
Mr. Irrelevant, a D.C. Sports Blog by the Brothers Mottram

Washington Redskins Thoughts and Observations | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Four Game Win Streak: Redskins fans have to be thrilled not only with the four game win streak, but who those four wins have come against. They have beaten the four teams that the Redskins and their fans most want to see them beat. Three division rivals in the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants followed by yesterday's win over the Ravens. Playing the Browns will be a change but once again its a must win Sunday in the playoff race. The Giants and Seahawks didn't help but the Bears did and are suddenly in reach.

Are you worried about a letdown against the Browns?

Robert Griffin III not yet ruled out for this week, says source, contradicting WR Pierre Garcon
"Now we have a little bit tougher task," Garcon said on ESPN. "We have Kirk starting. We have to play well around Kirk so Kirk doesn’t feel like he has to try to save the team. We have to help him to be as comfortable as possible."

Mike Shanahan impressed with Richard Crawford’s performance
"What Richard did was he took the ball, tried to get upfield and made some people miss. If you can get 10 yards on a punt return, you’re doing great. That’s what he was able to do: catch the ball, turn upfield and get some positive yards. When he was doing that…a couple of punt returns for big yardage. The last one was the difference in the game."

Need to Know: A trap game for the Redskins? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The notion that this is a trap game for the Redskins is making the rounds. I don’t know if the Redskins will win or lose but if the do lose it won’t be because the looked past the Browns or took them lightly. Yes, the Redskins have lost games like this in the past. In 2010 and 2011 they lost to the Vikings at home. The 1-7 Dolphins handled them last year. In ’09 the Lions broke a 19-game losing streak at their expense. The year before that, the 0-4 Rams got their first win, and one of two that season, against Washington.

Gibbs likes where the Redskins are heading - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

Scenes unfold for Redskins to make postseason - Washington Times
"We’re trying to go to the playoffs," said cornerback Richard Crawford, whose 64-yard punt return set up the game-winning field goal. "That’s all I’m going to keep saying is playoffs, playoffs, playoffs."

Alfred Morris, Josh Morgan, Fred Davis in balloon swordfight
"I just jumped in. I didn’t have a sword, but that just shows my heroism," joked the rookie running back. "I’m a tough guy. I don’t need a sword to go into a sword fight. I was kicking butt. It was an epic battle and I’m glad I was part of it. It’s going down in history."

Redskins fan gives himself an Indian name, gets DeAngelo Hall’s helmet
Most of the team had left the field and the frenzy at the tunnel had died down, when I see DeAngelo Hall walking towards the tunnel. I just give him a standing ovation and tell him what a great game he had. He simply looked up at me and tossed me his helmet.

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