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RGIII's dad: Washington QB will play Sunday vs. Browns

According to Robert Griffin III's father, the quarterback will get the start on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns despite his injury.

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Whether or not Robert Griffin III will play through a right knee injury to start against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday has been the hot topic of discussion since Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens. Many have doubted his status for the game, but at least one person says, definitively, that Griffin will start: his father.

According to USA Today, Griffin will get the start against the Browns, and that his knee has improved enough to the point where he feels confident. Griffin's father says that his son told him early on Tuesday of his plans to start.

"He's doing great,'' Robert Griffin II told USA TODAY Sports. "He definitely said he plans to start. I haven't seen him (the last two days). But he told me (today) everything has gone well.''

Griffin collided with Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, and sat out one play with the knee injury. He then returned and ran four more plays, but the pain was too much, and he sat out the rest of the game. In the report, Griffin's father does quip "Hopefully he'll let the running back due all the running."

Probably good advice, as it doesn't seem likely Griffin will be at 100 percent if he does play on Sunday.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.