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Redskins Offense Play Direction Report Through Week 14

Looking at the Redskins stats through week 14 show some interesting trends. Stats via the NFL.

Redskins love to run left.
Redskins love to run left.
Rob Carr

At this point in the season where the Redskins enter the final three games of the season, there's a lot of debate on who's good on the Redskins OLine and who's not. Will Montgomery at one point was ranked one of the top three Centers by Pro Football Focus. Is that because he's good...or because the read-option scheme freezes defenders?

I don't watch game film so I won't pretend to answer that question, but I will highlight some interesting numbers here in how the Redskins' offense ranks by play direction in both rushing and passing.

For the rushing offense (Redskins rank 4th in NFL in rushing attempts: 343, for 1st best 167.5 yards/game):

  • The Redskins rank #1 in rushing attempts outside the Tackles on both the right and left sides.
  • Redskins rank #29 in rushing ATTEMPTS up the middle, but rank FIRST in yards per carry (5.46).
  • Not shockingly, running behind Trent and Kory > running behind Chester and Polumbus.


For the passing offense (Redskins rank 30th in NFL in passing attempts: 363 attempts for 23rd best 218.9 yards/game):

  • Redskins are ranked top 7 in passing attempts for passes over the middle (short and deep). Read option sets that up when LBs bite on fake.
  • As a result, Redskins rank 29th or higher in passing attempts on all parts of the field right and left.
  • Check out RGIII's completion % for deep passes. Ranked 8th or better for all 3 zones. Very impressive! Keep airing it out.


Defense numbers coming next...