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Mike Shanahan's Monday Presser: RGIII Has Sprained LCL, No ACL Damage

The latest Redskins updates from Mike Shanahan's Monday presser at 3:00PM EST.

Patrick McDermott

As he does every week, Mike Shanahan address the media at 3:00PM, which was streamed via Some key takeaways:

  • Robert Griffin III has a mild LCL sprain to his right knee and might play vs Cleveland. There is some swelling still. The ACL he tore at Baylor is healthy. This is classified as a Grade 1 sprained knee.
  • Shanahan wasn't sure yet if RGIII would practice Wednesday.
  • Shanahan: "Not too many teams have Dr. James Andrews on their sidelines. We feel lucky there." He continued that's he on the sidelines most games.
  • On what changes if Kirk Cousins has to play: "You'll have to show up and see."
  • Shanahan: "We're not going to put [Robert] out there if it's not in the best interest of the team."
  • Shanahan on RGIII: "We go through it each week on how to better protect yourself."
  • Shanahan: "I've enjoyed having 2 rookie Quarterbacks because they learn and grow together. They bounce things off each other. They really pull for each other. RGIII was the first to congratulate Kirk on the Touchown. That's what you're hoping for."
  • On Richard Crawford: "He did a great job of taking advantage of his opportunity. 100 return yards is the difference in winning and losing." He then highlighted how Crawford would catch and go directly upfield.
  • On Alfred Morris fumbles: "Fumbles are going to happen. He's a guy you can trust. I got a lot of confidence in him."
  • On having 3 QBs active: "There's always that possibility."
  • On any other injuries: "Trent and Fletcher are better than they were. There's nothing else I want to talk about now."
  • "Chris [Cooley] is playing his role extremely well. He's a solid veteran for us knowing his role and doing it well."
Bills RB Fred Jackson sprained his LCL earlier this year and missed two weeks. Here's more information on that injury.