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What's Your Game Day TV Setup?

SB Nation is helping Samsung promote a contest they're having for a TV makeover sweepstakes (link below). I could definitely use that. My current setup is my butt on the couch, feet on the coffee table, watching the game on my 42" HDTV, and my laptop living up to its' nick name as I manage the @hogshaven twitter account and Hogs Haven game threads. No reclining couches, no projection screens, no 13-layer bean dips. It's a true, college feel setup, and I don't mean the setup where you're roommate's Dad pimped out the place with flatscreens. Damn I'm depressed now.

>>>> Enter the Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes here. <<<<

If and when I do buy a house, I'm not sure if I could go this far with my basement. What setup you all have for game day when not at Fedex Field?