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Dan's Sack (Fantasy Football Mailbag): Week 10

Dan Ciarrocchi of Hogs Haven and Pro Football Focus answers all of your Week 10 Fantasy Football questions.

Larry French

People are going to have to get creative this week. Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson and Larry Fitzgerald are all on byes, and if you don't have the necessary depth to overcome those losses, it could be a long week. Luckily, I have the answer to all your roster vacancies this week. Get ready to place your bids for the ultimate waiver pickup:

That's right. Thirty-five touchdowns, 1911 yards and 65 tackles, or, 466 fantasy points. Last year's leader in points was Aaron Rodgers, who had 385, so take that as you will. I have to keep riding Vick Ballard and Jamaal Charles in the Hogs Haven A-league, so I really would have nothing to lose bidding on her. Now I'm sad. Let's get to the questions:

@THayden7 writes via Twitter: Is Marcel Reece a better start than Jamaal Charles?

Jamaal Charles is the better play, but not by nearly as much as it ought to be. If nothing else, Charles always presents the possibility of taking over a game, even if he's essentially been absent from both score sheets as well as huddles over the past few weeks. Why? I don't know, ask Romeo Crennel. No, scratch that. Ask someone who actually knows.

I don't think Reece's role is going to deviate very much this week from what it normally is. He's a proven playmaker with the ball, but that doesn't mean he's going to get 20 carries between the tackles, even versus a porous Ravens defense. I can't imagine the Raiders will want to take Reece out of the role he has been so successful with, so I wouldn't anticipate any fantasies of a new feature back this week coming true. He'll still get enough touches and targets to be relevant, but if anything, the injuries to Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson probably means more throwing for Oakland rather than the next man up in the backfield getting tons of opportunities.

BWallace87 from the Hogs Haven community writes:

Need 3. I have Gronk, Hakeem Nicks, Desean Jackson, Brian Hartline, and Eric Decker. I get to play 3. Brady's my quarterback. Who would you play?

Last week, I talked about how having a quarterback/receiver combo doesn't necessarily present the advantage that people perceive it to have. But this week, having Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski against a hapless Bills defense might be the best tandem in fantasy football for Week 10. There isn't a player at either position I want more this week than those two.

Ordinarily, I would start Nicks even though he's battling a knee injury that could jeopardize his usual heavy involvement in the passing game this week. But when you have the depth that DeSean Jackson and Eric Decker can give, there's no point risking it. Gronk, Jackson and Decker should give you a really strong week so roll with them.

Parks Smith from the Hogs Haven community writes:
Hey Dan, its Parks.


RG3 is taking a week off in my main league. That leaves me with Andy Dalton against the Giants. Would you roll with Dalton or one of these FA pickups? Ponder vs Det, Schaub vs Chi, Fitzpatrick vs NE, or Tannehill vs Ten?

If your league penalizes you heavily for turnovers, then send Dalton and Schaub packing. The Bears and Giants have 28 and 26 takeaways this season, which is absolutely absurd in and of itself, but when you add Dalton and Schaub to the formula it doesn't get any more encouraging. Dalton has turned the ball over in every game this season, and Matt Schaub hasn't performed well against any of the better defenses he's faced this season. I can't anticipate that these trends will reverse when stout opponents present themselves.

I'm not going to say I like Fitzpatrick this week, but I think he's the best option. His recent struggles make it hard to endorse him, but it's difficult to not feel some confidence directed his way after throwing for 350 yards and four touchdowns in his last meeting with the Patriots. I think he's a safe bet to find the end zone once again, since the Patriots have yet to prove that they can go a game without allowing a score through the air this season.

Redskins from the Hogs Haven community writes: Pick two... Foster, Lynch, Peterson

Foster and AP. I hate you.

Pick two.. Vincent Jackson, Welker, or Julio Jones.

Welker and Jones. In the past three meetings with the Bills, Welker is averaging just over 10 catches and 130 yards per game, and nothing has indicated that the Bills have magically learned how to shut him down. Julio Jones-- as up and down as he's been this season-- is really turning a corner and it's coming at the right time. The Saints have allowed 14 touchdowns to wide receivers this season, and Jones is still every bit of a threat to find the end zone. And with Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White in the huddle with him, that's saying a lot. Save Vincent Jackson and his usual all-or-nothing headache for another week while Jones and Welker light it up.

@THayden7 writes via Twitter:

Should I bench Finley in favor of Keller?

OK, time out. I know the Jets suck and everything, but not to the point where you'd be better off starting players on their bye weeks instead of them. So, yeah, start Keller this week.

Tiller56 from the Hogs Haven community writes: Hey Dan, I have a fantasy question:

Can the Redskins win another game this season? that's fantasy football!

Sigh, you're right though, man. It is.

@Bmcney22 writes via Twitter: Got a trade offer today. I give AJ Green for Chris Johnson & Steve Smith. Non PPR TD heavy League. Yes or No?

I wouldn't do this unless you're terribly desperate for some help at running back.

In a touchdown heavy league, what is the point in giving away a player who has scored in every game but the first one of the season? Steve Smith, on the other hand, hasn't scored versus a team not named the Redskins, and even with Chris Johnson's resurgence, I don't trust him to the point where I would give away my most consistent player. Green's current benefits and potential far outweigh the headache that comes with owning two of the most annoying players to own in fantasy.

@Andrew_constant writes via Twitter: Two questions today: 1) Stafford or Luck?

I got completely burned by this very question last week when I had Andrew Luck and all of his 433 yards on my bench instead of a guy who decided to not throw a touchdown versus the Jaguars. I will say this though: I don't see that happening again.

The Vikings cannot get their secondary in order, and they have allowed consecutive three-touchdown games through the air as a result. They have prevented a team from passing for a touchdown only one time this season, and that came against...wait, let me look.

The Lions. Cool.

If nothing else, Stafford still threw 51 times in that game, and more often than not, that's going to lead to points. The main difference now is that the Lions are running the ball very well, but that balanced attack could keep the Vikings defense honest enough to be taken advantage of up top. When the week is over, I anticipate Stafford being yet another entry on the long list of quarterbacks who have torched the Minnesota defense this season.

2) Pettigrew, Rudolph or Myers?

My love affair with Kyle Rudolph is over for the time being. I still reserve hope for the future, but for this week, I'm calling it quits. It's like, just not the right time for us right now, you know? I mean, I still like him as a person, and I wish him the best in his endeavors, but we're just two people with two different interests. I'm a fantasy owner who likes players that get points. He is fundamentally opposed to that now. And that's OK! But I'm just so sick and tired of being...sick and tired, you know? Be well, Kyle. I know your matchup versus the Lions is a good one, but I knew that was also the case versus the Seahawks and Cardinals.

/blinks away tears

I have to move forward and roll the dice with Brandon Myers this week. The Lions could very well establish Pettigrew in the passing game after a poor showing in Week 9, but the Vikings haven't allowed tight ends to light them up this year. The Ravens, who Myers will be facing this week, cannot say the same thing. They've allowed tight ends an average of seven catches over the past three games, and that's the fact that teams are still using that as an outlet to attack a team that lost Lardarius Webb on the outside speaks volumes.

Like I said before, the Raiders will have to throw the ball more than they'd like to this week, and Myers should once again see a high amount of targets. If nothing else, that alone should make him a lot more reliable than Pettigrew and Rudolph this week.

That’s all for this week, folks. If you have any more questions, post them in the comments section or reach me on Twitter @PFF_Dan. Good luck.