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Got Fantasy Football Questions for Week 10? Ask Dan Now!

Dan Ciarrocchi of Pro Football Focus and Hogs Haven will answer your fantasy football questions in "Dan's Sack," his fantasy football mailbag which will be posted on Thursday.

Rob Carr

Things I learned this week from fantasy football:

- Doug Martin can score me 60 points, but my team will inevitably find a way to lose

- The Lions can score four touchdowns on the Jaguars without a single one being through the air. But the main reason for that being so is Matthew Stafford is on my team.

- Christian Ponder despises Kyle Rudolph fantasy owners. Every last one.

- Any defense that plays the Eagles or Chiefs will probably get somewhere in the realm of 75 fantasy points.

- Sidney Rice only scores touchdowns when he’s on my bench, which is where he will be once again this week. So, start him everyone?

Hopefully that will clear up a lot of questions all of you may have this week. Nevertheless, you know I’m here for the areas I didn’t cover. Post your questions in the comments section, or reach me on Twitter @PFF_Dan .