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Accountability: The Missing Ingredient?

Patrick McDermott

Coaching and general life in the NFL has obviously changed a bit over the past 20 or so years. The game has changed and so has the role of a NFL coach. While some coaches strive for accountability, others have to become babysitters in order for their NFL franchises to be successful. Why? Because of the prima donna nature of players like Dez Bryant, DeAngelo Hall, and other divas out their in the NFL today. Some cause trouble off the field, while others cause trouble on the field.

Accountability is missing on this NFL franchise all the way around, from the top down. I think it was embarrassing to see DHall play the first half on Sunday. Sometimes, with a team and a season like this, you have to sacrifice potential success in the short run to become a team in the long run. The good news is, in terms of on the field, is that many of the young players that Mike Shanahan has brought in like Robert Griffin III, Ryan Kerrigan, Alfred Morris, and others are high character guys that hold themselves accountable after losing a football game. They say and do all the right things. But poor accountability and behavior is infectious. You could see it spew to Josh Wilson this past weekend. So when will this coach and his locker room start to hold themselves accountable to continue to foster a winning culture?

Beyond the players, fans need to look themselves in the mirror. Do we make any decisions regarding this football team? No. But many fans, over the course of the last ten years, have turned into the whiney, entitled, unaccountable people that many portray our owner as. You can especially see it in the youngest cohort of Redskins fans that will give you nothing but excuses. I'm tired of excuses. Injuries happen. The training staff is not at fault. When everything goes wrong, it's not Daniel Snyder's fault. Its those players and coaches on the field that you love so much and will blindly defend. We need to put our homer hats down and hold the product on the field accountable. You may not believe it but players, the front office, etc read blogs like this and the excuses you generate for your favorite players are infectious directly into the locker room. While the Redskins and their fans sling excuses all over the place, other franchises see the hurdles of a typical NFL season and over come those hurdles.

Like I've said many times before, I think 99% of this league is on the same talent level. Therefore excuses regarding talent and what not are not viable. Flipping back and forth and seeing the Colts, Dolphins game was inspiring. When watching Hard Knocks this offseason many made fun of Joe Philbin for his low key approach. But you could see one thing in every, single episode that Philbin held his players accountable for their actions and would react accordingly. There is no reason whatsoever that we should be so behind the curve. Someone has to grab the accountability of this franchise back. It's not up to Dan Snyder. Yes he's the highest up and he does not have to answer to anyone, but our owner has been doing the one thing the last three years that everyone criticized for his whole tenure... he's staying out of everyone's way.