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RGIII's Post Game Speech Should Give Redskins Fans Optimism

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RGIII said post-game he will continue to fight every play, every game, which will inspire his team to do the same.

RGIII post game at Panthers' game.
RGIII post game at Panthers' game.

Robert Griffin III's post-game presser should give Redskins fans optimism that the Redskins can still compete this year or at the least build something good for next year. Here are the quotes, which I'll let speak for themselves. The Redskins have won games with inferior talent before, so I don't expect the locker room to implode as long as RGIII is out there fighting every down.

On what was going through his mind when he got helicoptered...

To get the first down. Bottom line. Guys see their Quarterback putting it on the line every single play and it makes them want to put it on the line every single play. Inspiring guys no matter what the score is. No matter what the down or distance is we can make it happen because we're the ones that are out there.

On his health...

I'm fine. No one is ever going to question the fight I have inside me to be the greatest and held lead this team to victory.

On losing...

We got to come back from BYE week ready to go. We're not gonna feel sorry for ourselves. I don't expect any of the players to feel sorry for themselves.

On the busted, final play of the game where Brandon Banks ran the wrong direction...

It's all about execution. People are going to criticize the coaches and players, and they're going to say drastic changes are needed, but I don't feel that way. I feel like it's on us, the players to make sure we go out there and play.

I know the obvious rebuttal is "RGIII's taking hits on 3rd and long won't fix the Redskins' woeful pass rush or secondary," but I do know this, it will keep the team from giving up, which is what our proud franchise demands. It's moments of leadership like this that validate three additional draft picks.