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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup



Panthers 21, Redskins 13: Ten Observations |
Shanahan clearly has job security. If you change head coaches after this season then you’re overhauling an offense that so far is good for Robert Griffin III. He’s your most important investment and there’s no way you’re going to do something now to hurt his development. If he weren’t playing well and the Redskins were 3-6, then you could start to wonder.

Washington Redskins Week 9: Post-game Thoughts | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Look the Redskins playoff hopes are extremely small right now, but you don't say that as a head coach. Making statements about now being an evaluation process, is offensive to both the players and the fans. This entire season and Mike Shanahan's three years with the Redskins should be a time where you are evaluating players, and perhaps that is the problem.

Will Shanahan’s Disappointment Bring Drastic Bye Week Changes to Redskins? " CBS DC
"Obviously very disappointing," Shanahan said after the Redskins lost 21-13 to the visiting Carolina Panthers Sunday in what he had called a must-win game. "Must-win games give you a chance to play for a playoff spot. When you’re 3-5, it’s gotta be a must-win to get in the hunt. You lose a game like that, now you’re playing to see who’s going to be on your football team for years to come. Now I get a chance to evaluate players and see where we’re at. Obviously we’re not out of it statistically. Now we find out what kind of character we’ve got."

Redskins Postgame Audio: Shanahan, RG3 & Many More! " CBS DC
"I picked up the "Gameday" and I’m looking at the "Gameday" and it’s customary and it says "homecoming" and I’m thinking to myself this is the National Football League are you serious? Homecoming? Homecoming and it’s not like you tried to hide it," Williams said. "You blatantly put it on the front of the "Gameday" and you talk about somebody fired up today. I was pissed."

Pedro Taylor: There never will be any closure |
It’s been nearly five years since Sean Taylor was killed at his home in Florida. Time hasn’t dimmed the memories of him for fans or, especially, his father, Pedro Taylor. He was back in town for the Redskins homecoming game Sunday vs. Carolina, along with Taylor’s daughter and other family members. Here’s a little bit from a short conversation with him (tough to hear at some points because of the noise):

RG3 Report: Panthers 21, Redskins 13 |
It’s too bad Griffin’s touchdown run didn’t stand. Quite a nice run, owing to his patience and athleticism. The first hole was blocked, he paused and cut back. Then there was his helicopter spin after picking up one first down on the fourth and 4. Griffin already had picked up the first down when this occurs, but on a day where a lot went wrong, it’s always refreshing to see an effort like this. Certainly, it provided a nervous moment. But the guy is fighting for a first down. Attitudes like that from the quarterback become infectious at some point.

So where do the Redskins go from here?
Where do they go from here, in terms of finishing out the season? All is not lost, but almost always, seven losses is the maximum for playoff teams. It would take a remarkable finish to get to 9-7 or 10-6, and that doesn’t guarantee anything.

Official Whistle Overruled On Touchdown
I would've pushed him out of bounds if there wasn't a whistle," Riley told reporters after the game. "From the angle I was coming from, I couldn't see if he stepped out or not. So when I heard the whistle I stopped. "I don't know who's at fault, but I heard it."

Wrap-up: Panthers 21, Redskins 13 - NFC East Blog - ESPN
The whistle: If indeed an official blew a whistle during DeAngelo Williams' 30-yard touchdown run and Redskins linebacker Perry Riley pulled up as a result, then the Redskins have a legitimate complaint. The play should have been blown dead. Now, there was nothing to say the Redskins couldn't have won the game anyway, or that the phantom whistle was the reason they lost. But Redskins fans were furious after that play, and it appears the fury was justified.

Need to Know: As usual, a lot of laundry on the field - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
I get that the Redskins weren’t very good when Mike Shanahan and company took over after so many years of personnel mismanagement. It takes time to build talent and the Redskins timetable certainly was knocked back by the unfair $36 million salary cap penalty they will pay this year and next. Also, building through the draft takes time. But even if the players you have on the field are not of championship caliber, after two and a half seasons, the coaching staff should have them executing the fundamentals properly and not leading the league in penalties and making other critical mistakes.

DALY: Redskins' 'Great Awakening' is putting us to sleep - Washington Times
"I’m tired of being subpar in this league," Lorenzo Alexander said. "A lot of guys are. We haven’t put two wins together since early last season [and they’ve done it only twice in the Shanny Era]." Still, he added, "I’d like to finish the season on a good note."

DeAngelo Williams angry at Redskins’ ‘homecoming’ game

SNYDER: Life is draining out of Redskins' season pass by pass - Washington Times
The early-season excitement, the euphoria surrounding Robert Griffin III is gone. The Washington Redskins' fast start and unexpected promise has evaporated. Hope that a change was at hand in Mike Shanahan's third season at the helm has disappeared.

Breaking: If you hit a WR’s ribs with your shoulder before the ball has even hit the ground, that’s now illegal – Blogging the bEast