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Redskins Early Look at the 2013 Off-Season Plan

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The Redskins are in need of a few missing pieces come 2013.

Could Bills safety Jairus Byrd be a free agent target for the Redskins?
Could Bills safety Jairus Byrd be a free agent target for the Redskins?
Jonathan Daniel

I am of the belief (much like Victor Cruz), that the Redskins are just a few pieces away from being a perennial contender in the NFC East. Many are worried that we gave up the farm for the rights to draft RG3, and that move will end up setting us back a few years. I am of the belief that it was a move that had to be made, as we were that team, with that one MAJOR piece away from even being competitive.

Now that we have finally found the answer at the most important individual position in all of professional sports, we can now shift our attention to the other areas of this team that could use an upgrade this off-season.

Based upon my observations so far this season, I have identified two main areas, and two secondary areas that can use a face-lift.

Defensive Back:

I have grouped this area together, as I believe we will see some shuffling around this off-season. One of the moves I would like to see happen is to have Hall move to free safety. If this were to happen, corner would become a more pressing need. If Hall stays at corner, safety is the obvious choice for an immediate upgrade. Either way, I'd like to see at least one corner and one safety added between free agency and the draft.

Offensive Tackle:

There is a glaring weakness at right tackle on this team. Sure, Tyler Polumbus has exceeded expectations this season, but the bar was set so low, that even Shoup would have been considered an upgrade. There are some quality free agent tackle prospects in 2013, and spending some money on a young, proven starter could prove to be a wise investment for our young quarterback.

The following are the secondary needs see.

Interior Offensive Line:

I don't care what PFF says about center Will Montgomery; he's below average. PFF also had Madieu Williams and Brandon Banks on their All-NFC East team - so what does that tell you about their ratings? Left guard is the other area that we could use some help. We very well may have two replacements on our team already, but either way, both positions could use an up-grade this off-season.

Tight End:

The new focus on athletic tight ends in the NFL is causing quite a stir. Every team is trying to find the next Jimmy Graham, or Gronk, but they are not as easily found as one would like. The athletic tight end can create mismatch problems for even the best defenses in the league, and the Redskins need to find one to make life easier on Robert Griffin and the receiving corps. Maybe Fred Davis comes back for a reasonable contract, but if not, we need a plan in place for his replacement.

Below I have outlined an off-season plan for both Free Agency and the NFL Draft. I tried to take into account our own impending free agents, and those who we may target from other teams.

Redskins who re-sign.........

  • Darrel Young
  • Rob Jackson
  • Lorenzo Alexander
  • Chris Baker
  • Sav Rocca


  • Jammal Brown
  • Moss (I know - but it's a business decision)
  • Meriweather
  • Fletcher (Retires)

Free Agent Signings................

NFL Draft.......................

  • 2nd - Desmond Trufant - CB(Washington)
  • 3rd - Bicarri Rambo - S(Georgia)
  • 4th - Denard Robinson - WR/KR(Michigan)
  • 5th - Jake Stoneburner - TE(Ohio St)
  • 5th - Xavier Nixon - T(Florida St)
  • 6th - Mike Mauti - LB(Penn St)
  • 7th - Ryan Turnley - C(Pitt)

In my plan, we have 5-6 new starters from outside the organization, and 1-2 new starters who are already on this team. Seven new starters, five who should be significant upgraded, is sill keeping the corp group intact, while really helping to improve the overall product on the field. A healthy mix of young players, and proven young veterans should help set the stage for many years of future success.