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The Week According to the Redskins

After tough losses, the Redskins feel they must respond in a home clash against the Carolina Panthers.


Context as of 4:30pm ET, 10/28: Redskins 12, Steelers: 27. WAS: 3-5.

(All quotes taken from interviews broadcast on the "Video Channel" of


#91 LB, Ryan Kerrigan:

On getting sacks:

"The three games I went without a sack - that was pretty frustrating. And last week I felt like I left a couple on the field. There is definitely a greater sense of urgency...even more so now [because] I need to pick it up not just for myself but for the defense in general.

On prioritizing different aspects of positions:

"They all correlate to one another. Being stout against the run is one of the most important things. I want to be good in coverage because I've been in coverage a lot more this year. But ultimately I need to get to the quarterback."

On must-win:

"Definitely. It's huge."

On mobility and size of Cam vs. Big Ben:

"They're both the same in that you have to need to try and keep them in the pocket. They're very good at extending plays...Cam is very good at scrambling to run obviously, whereas Ben was more so scramble to pass."

On injuries:

It's tough. Guys are starters in this league for a reason."

#Somebody misses his partner in crime.

#59 LB, London Fletcher:

On balance issues:

"When you got take neurological tests - sure it's scary. I'd be lying if I was saying it wasn't on my mind"

Back to normal?

"Not totally - feeling better...We think we got it boiled down, but we're not sure exactly. It could a couple different things...Let's not blow it - take it out of context. I wasn't walking around like I was drunk. It wasn't that big of a deal."

On toll of injuries:

It's the National Football League - that's the way it is. Like you said, nobody's going to feel sorry for us.

On Carolina:

They've got good skill players. Steve Smith's still a really good player - was a pro-bowler last week. They've got two really good running backs. Cam's a good player...We definitely want to take care of him - but don't take for granted those other guys, because they're really talented players as well.

Compare and contrast RG3 and Cam:

"The talent - the skill set - of both those guys will be brought up, because obviously what Cam was able to do last year with the run and the pass stuff. Coming in doing some different things the NFL has not seen before. I think those are the two things [to compare]. I'll let you all do the contrast part of it."

On throw-back uniforms:

"I hope we get the same results as the Steelers when they put theirs on."

On getting pressure - blitz vs. not:

"Sometimes it comes down to winning one-on-one battles... Sometimes you've got to cover your guy, whether the pressure's there or not."

#No doubt

QB #10, Robert Griffin III

On Cam Newton comparisons:

"It's not my job to try and compare...Like I told you many, many times, I won't be playing [Newton] I'll be playing his defense. So have fun with that [comparison]...We do run similar schemes. There's a lot similarities, but I don't know. I'd rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that, someone who has won Super Bowls. You want to go out there and win." #shots fired.

On Panthers:

"We're definitely taking them seriously. We're at a point where we can't take anybody lightly."

On performance against Steelers:

"It's not something that you're ever proud of, because we lost the game. I don't look at the stats...Obviously I didn't play well enough to win the game.

On running the Option in the NFL:

Coaches have been in the NFL for so long, they get used to what they're doing. And they don't want to buy into anything else. The Option won't work if you don't whole heartily buy into...It's not something you can just throw out there, and say, ‘Hey, it's another wrinkle that we haven't really worked on.' That's what I think.... A lot of these coaches run the same schemes. They have different names for all the plays, but they're similar schemes and similar route combinations. So anything that you can do to throw a wrinkle in there and do something different, it makes it a lot easier."

On talking to receivers about drops:

"Even in the game, I was trying to figure out what to say to them...It's tough in those situations....They're in the NFL for a reason... But throughout the game they came to me and told me they were going to continue to fight for me, despite all the drops and all the bad plays we had. I had bad plays myself, so it was good to hear them say that. They definitely know that I have their backs, and I know they've got mine."

On dealing with ups and downs:

I try to appreciate every moment as its own. Your first win. Your first touchdown pass. Your first rushing touchdown. Your first comeback. All those things you try to appreciate as their own...[AIRPLANE]...sorry I was still answering that. [This is] my tenth airplane. It's crazy." #seriously. Can we reroute the Dulles planes or something? Don't we got some pull out here?


"Good job, guys!" #Thanks, bro. You, too.


LT #71, Trent Williams:

On Panthers defensive front:

"They're active. They run a lot of game. Everybody plays to the ball every play. Like the last game, against Chicago, they gave Cutler a lot of - heck - I ain't going to say that. They gave him a lot of problems - for the better part of the game... They're front four is playing really well right now."

Do you see the comparison between RG3 and Cam Newton?

Nah. No.

Heisman trophy winners?

Well, I could see that - but in actuality no.

WR #11, Aldrick Robinson:

On preparation:

I got to take a better approach. I've got be well-prepared...I'm definitely looking forward to it...Just putting a lot more focus on it: trying to work on the details, things that will help me do a lot better than I did last time when I had this chance.

On concussion:

It sat me out a game, but it didn't really set me back.

On Steelers game:

I dropped a pass and I missed a couple blocks. It definitely wasn't a good game for me.

On end-zone target against the Steelers:

There's a picture online, where [the Steelers' cornerback] had my arm. That's what I felt. He had my arm, so I really could only have one arm under it. I tried to scoop it. The refs didn't make the call. But I still have to try and make the catch. Yeah, it should have been pass interference.

On this game being a second chance:

This is definitely another chance for me. I had an opportunity after the Saints game to establish myself - and I have another one now.

#Let's go.

If you heard any other memorable or interesting quotes from Redskins players this week, please leave in the comments below.