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Video: Interview with Sean Taylor's Dad

Sean Taylor's father talks about raising Sean and the first time he met Joe Gibbs and Dan Snyder.

This week is alumni weekend as the Redskins organization and fans celebrate their 80th anniversary. Sean Taylor's father is in town and threw a lunch for Redskins fans at Theismann's restaurant in Alexandria, VA. I cannot say how fantastic it was to meet Sean's father, Pedro who goes by "Pete." In my interview we talk about how the family is doing, the first time Pete met Dan Snyer and Joe Gibbs after the draft, and a great high school football moment. Off-camera when I chatted with him he would refer to me as "Sir" if that gvies you any idea how respectful and engaging he is. Pete is still working in the police department down in Florida. I had the pleasure of chatting with Grant Paulsen and he brought up a great point of how these emotions are still very strong. Some Redskins fans did shed some tears today and I certainly felt moved at many points. Sean Taylor's half brother was there as well who is tearing up pee-wee football. More on him this week. Enjoy. Here's a pic of Sean Taylor's daughter, Jackie, who is also in town and is six years young.