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Redskins Players Past and Present Reflect on Sean Taylor

Portis, Smoot, Moss, and even RGIII take to media outlets to talk about the 5th anniversary of Sean Taylor.

Here's a collection of tweets, videos, and interviews from the past couple days. Clinton Portis closing comments are transcribed below and give true meaning on how to deal with death while moving on. Who knew Portis was so deep??

ESPN hit a homerun with their 5-year special on Sean Taylor. Warning: A teary eyed Santana Moss will get you.

Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet did the last sit down interview with Sean and Fred Smoot who played with Sean is rookie year and Sean's final year both share their experiences of Sean the player and father.

Fred Smoot

"That's the great thing about the Redksins organization. They don't let his memory fade...the blessing I had is just to see Sean Taylor as a person transform for the rookie he was to the player he was when I came back to the Redskins...Having Jackie made him focus on what matters in life."

Joe Gibbs told him to tone it down. He was headed on being one of the greatest players of all time.

Clinton Portis on Mike Wise Show [audio embed below]

Mr. Snyder knocked on my hotel door and I knew it was bad news...He loved being in the house cooking, playing video games, and playing cards.

On convincing Joe Gibbs to draft Sean Taylor...

With ball in hand Sean was amazing and then he decided to play defense...that says a lot. Once Gibbs put on the film there wasn't much more to say.

Portis also talks about Moss and him trying to get Taylor to come out to the clubs with him and he'd say no that he wants to play with the baby. He went to Bible study the Saturday before every game. He was content and happy with the person he was.

Portis ends the interview perfectly...

"You always get sad and you want to be sad. Life goes on and you got to enjoy the fondest memories and so many great memories of Sean...that keeps me from being sad. Even seeing baby Jackie and how playful she is....knowing that she's can't feel anything but warm...things don't always go as they should. People moving on in's not moving on without's moving on with him. Don't let this happen in life that it's through death you come to the appreciation of the people around you."