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Are the Redskins Deep Enough to Make a Run?

Tom Pennington

A wise man once said, "So you're telling me there's a chance...". The excitement of beating two divisions foes in back-to-back weeks cannot be overstated. Nor can the fact that we have an opportunity to play meaningful football in December for the first time since the Obama administration took office. But beyond the dazzle that RG3 provides that can distract us all, lies the issues of injuries.

Lets get one thing straight, I'm not here to tell you we are cursed or snake-bitten because of our injuries. Every NFL team experiences injuries, the good ones are the teams that rise above them. The chilling fact with the Redskins is though that we have not had an opportunity to invest in depth. The salary cap situation was a clear hindrance, but the other is the fact we've been using late draft picks to use on hit or miss starters, rather than to develop depth.

I'm not here to rain on anyone's parade. I suspect most think this team is still a year or two away. But looking at the defensive depth chart right now will give you the willies. Guys like Doug Worthington, Mario Addison, Roddrick Muckelroy, Chris Wilson, Jerome Murphy, and DJ Johnson are one step away from starting for this team. Remember, the five remaining games the Redskins play are outside. The turf at FedEx certainly isn't forgiving, nor will mother nature be for the next five weeks.

The good thing is that this team has an opportunity to establish depth in the offensive, which will hopefully lead to a December run in 2013 where we are on the other side of .500. The Redskins have seven draft picks in 2013 and Shanny has shown he can certainly turn those seven picks into ten-plus players. Also cap alleviations may be on there way. No matter what happens with injuries or depth this year, if the Redskins continue to compete in their final five games and can chalk up seven or so wins, then this season should be chalked up as a win for the franchise. This certainly wasn't the tune two or three weeks ago going into the bye, but two weeks can turn a team and the hyperbole surrounding it in the NFL. That fact should also not be forgotten with the slate in front of the Redskins currently.