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Fantasy Football Playoffs Questions? Ask Dan Now!

Dan Ciarrocchi of Pro Football Focus and Hogs Haven will answer all your fantasy football questions for Week 13 and beyond. Answers will be posted Thursday afternoon in his weekly mailbag column, "Dan's Sack."

Tom Pennington

Lots of leagues will be starting playoffs this week or next, so the time to be concerned about your lineup down the stretch is right now. I'll spare you the Jim Mora "playoffs?" cliche and ask you all to get right to the questions, and I'll do the best I can to help out by telling you to not bother with Plaxico Burress.

You know the drill. Post all your questions about starts and sits, waiver bids, or how to piss off the lucky bastards in your league who made it this far. Feel free to reach me on Twitter as well @PFF_Dan.