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Who is Michael Irving?

I totally understand the thought process in getting a knockoff jersey, especially if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan. If I was one, I wouldn't have any reason to want to put another dollar in Jerry Jones' piggy bank, either. But at some point, you just have to pay the extra bucks and get yourself a decent product.

It's one thing to wear a Dallas jersey in public the day after losing to your biggest rival on a national stage, but it's treading uncharted territory to wear the one of a fictitious player. Michael Irving? You could at least pry the "G" off at the end with scissors or something. I feel like a person who would hand somebody money for one of these atrocities wouldn't have any reservations over pulling some stitches off of it. So why leave it on?

But you know what? Maybe I'm missing the point here. Maybe this gentleman is making a statement on how much disarray the Cowboys are in. Maybe by implying they couldn't get the name of their hall-of-fame receiver right, he's implying how they just can't do anything right whatsoever. Is this a cry for help?

Or, rather, is this just crying? Believe me, Mr. Irving, we here at Hogs Haven have been in that boat before.