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Everything's Bigger in Dallas....Including RGIII

Redskins kick their winless record on Thanksgiving as RGIII gets it done.

Ronald Martinez

Two records ruined going in to today's game: Romo 5-0 on Thanksgiving. Redskins 0-6 on Thanksgiving. RGIII gets it done as the Redskins won 38-31.

Well, the Redskins had a 28-3 at halftime and when you're a defense that's ranked one of the worst in the NFL, leads are not safe. The Cowboys scored the only points in the 3rd quarter - 2 TDs before the Redskins finally answered with a Niles Paul touchdown. I've hammered Madieu Williams on this site all year but his hit on Dez Bryant in the endzone to break up the TD was huge.

  • Redskins had 2 sacks (Cowboys 4). How big was that Kerrigan sack late?
  • Redskins only had 5 penalties (Dallas had 7)
  • Redskins had 142 rushing yards to Dallas 35
  • OK, so Cowboys had 423 passing yards to Redskins 295
  • I REALLY wish DHall scored on that final on sides kick to put the score in the 40s.
  • Cowboys had 3 turnovers to Redskins 1 (RGIII int)
  • Kai Forbath with a HUGE field goal to make it a 2 score game late. He should run for Mayor of DC tomorrow...he'd win in a land slide assuming he's never smoked crack.