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Thanksgiving Week According to the Redskins

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

A Cornucopia
A Cornucopia
Ruth Hannah Sachs

Context as of 4:30pm ET, 11/18: Redskins 31, Eagles: 6. WAS: 4-6.

(All quotes taken from interviews broadcast on the "Video Channel" of

11/18/2012 - In the locker room after Sunday's game

#96, NT Barry Cofield:

"It was great team win. It was a great win, but I was reading a magazine - not a book, (I don't read books) - a magazine. There's a great John Wooden quote: "You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to be caught up in either one." We had a great win. We dominated. People want to tell us how great we are. Tell us how Dallas is struggling right now. Tell us how we're going to win. How we're back in control. They're going to say all the things - the opposite of what they've been telling us about hofw bad we are. Either way, we can't get caught up in it. Our backs are against the wall every week. We're the underdogs every week. We have to go out there and play our best football every week. And we can do whatever we want to do.



#23 CB, DeAngelo Hall [interview with NFL Network]:

On first pick of the year:

It was nice. It wasn't my first one, though, Fred - Come on, now. [My bad, what was it, third?] Yeah, yeah, third. Third. Third. Third. I haven't had that many this season, but yeah. [38 Career picks, 4th highest among active players] Yeah, that's not bad, right?

#Why do I get the feeling D-hall knew those stats before the interview?

On difficulties of Cowboys offense:

Anytime you have those kind of threats out there at receiver, you've got a chance to make a lot of plays...And just Tony Romo extending plays with his feet. He's just so - magical - back there in that pocket, that's probably the best way to describe it. He just always seems to get out of the way of pressure and make the throw down field. So we defiantly have our hands full.

On RGIII's performance:

Coach joked with him about that one incompletion? Like c'mon Robert - you've got to be perfect. You've got to complete that. [Laughs]. You know what, man: we couldn't ask for any better guy to come here and help lead this offense, help lead this team. He's been from day one - just a professional. He's never wanted anything handed to him. He's come out here and worked, worked his butt off...We love this guy. We feel anytime he's on the field, we have a chance to score points, have a chance to win games. We'll just continue to try and rally around him and give him as much help as possible. ------ #Hmmmmm....

On Division Hunt:

Absolutely. We feel like we haven't played our best football by a long shot. Especially defensively. We feel like we can just focus in on what we need to do and just get our personal assignments right and correct and not blow things - we definitely feel like we'll be able to challenge a lot of these guys in these remaining games. That's all you can ask for: for a team to be 4-6 six now, but 3-6 before the game last week - and still have a chance. That's encouraging.


Former Head Coach, Modern Legend, Joe Gibbs:

On seeing Lombardi Trophies at Redskins Park:

"It makes me feel great. Just to be a part of this. Greatest fan base in the world, I think. It's a thrill being a big part of it. And our history here: I think about all the different players that came through here, and the coaches, and Dan, the front office and then most importantly the fans. I can still remember our fans [outside of Redskins Park] greeting us when we came home from some of those victories. And I appreciate all them, and it's just fun being back and visiting and being part of the history."

On Redskins/Cowboys:

"That's probably one of the things that [when] people ask me [what is] something I miss - is that, is the great rivalry between the Cowboys and the Redskins. One thing about that game, you're either a Redskin or you're a Cowboy - there's nobody in between. I think there's some real - Hey, guys want to get after it when they play Cowboys and Redskins. The other thing I think back to - I think about how many of those games came down to the last play of the game. I think in the last go around here we had eight games - and I think five of them of came down to the last play of the game. Going against the Cowboys, we're all Redskins, and we want to find a way to beat the Cowboys."

#96 NT, Barry Cofield:

On playing on Thanksgiving:

"I hope everybody enjoys the show."

On Romo and Cowboys offense:

"[Romo's] like Houdini out there. The thing about [the Cowboys] is you got to stay on them, because they're always one snap away from getting back into the game."

Do you worry about injuries?

"You can't. You put it aside...A lot of guys are excited about the way they played [against the Eagles] . The offense didn't even play their best game. I've seen them play better than that, and they put up a lot of points [Sunday]. Hopefully, they can come out firing and we can get a win."

On playing defense with a lead:

"When a team's playing from behind and they're forced to pass, you can really get after them. You don't have to rewrite the book. Reinvent the wheel. Just do what you're coached to do. Whoever the quarterback is - they can be rattled."

On Brandon Meriweather's injury:

"It was devastating when I first saw the news. I was very disappointed for him especially. He had put in so much time, rehabbing. And to come out and play that well - I just really feel bad for him. But as a team, we have to move on. We have no choice."

On playing against a banged up Dallas O-line:

"They're not going to feel sorry for us. We're can't feel sorry for them. If we go out there and execute, fly around and play hard, I think we can be successful."

#71 LT, Trent Williams:

On short turnaround:

"You forget how valuable those days of practice are. They get methodical and repeated themselves throughout the year. You kind of feel you're getting tired of it. A week like this kind of helps you see how much you take [them] for granted."

On Cowboys game:

"It's a huge game for both of us. Not just for us. They got a lot riding on this, too. It's going to up the atmosphere of the game. And it's already the highest anticipated game of our season. It just makes it that much more."

#10 QB, Robert Griffin III

On going back to Texas:

"It will definitely be a good homecoming. More so of a homecoming than New Orleans. Certainly looking forward to having fun, but we're going there with one goal in mind. And that's to win."

On playing in Cowboy Stadium:

"I think I've played there twice. It's a - obviously everybody knows, a beautiful stadium. The screen - is what everybody likes to talk about. And the field's good, so it's just about playing on a big stage and playing at a high level, and I think everyone on this team is ready to do that." [How did you do in those two games?] "I thought I did well. I think we did [win both games]. Both were against Tech, Texas Tech. Baylor's playing against Tech this weekend, so hopefully we can keep that streak going. [Laughs]. Just getting that in there."

On watching Cowboy on Thanksgiving growing up:

"If you're a football fan, you watch football on Thanksgiving. Cowboys are always on, so you always got a chance to see them go out there. I had a friend who was a Cowboy fan and I was a Bronco fan, so the one year the Broncos beat the Cowboys I had bragging rights."

On Cowboys fan friends:

"I had some friends that were big, big Cowboys fans...I was never a Cowboy fan, but it's always good to watch football on Thanksgiving."

On preparing a game-plan in short week:

"You got a game-plan. The game-plan's not going to be dumb down just because you have a short week. The coaches have things they want to run. They put a lot of time and effort into watching film. And as players we have to take advantage of the little bit of time that we do have to master the system that they're putting in this week. That's probably the toughest part. It's just a quick turnaround. Guys get beat up on Sundays. They put it all on the line, and they have to go back out there on Thursday without very much rest. We'll see how tough our team is."

On team confidence against Philadelphia:

"I thought guys came back fresh - fresh legs, fresh hands, fresh mind. And I just felt like there was a vibe that we were going to go out there and click. There were a few things out there I needed to say. And it wasn't because they voted me captain. It was just - there are things as a quarterback you need to say to your team. I made sure I echoed those things in the locker room. And we went out and dominated."

On message to team this week:

"It's the same message. I haven't seen this team play that physical, offensive and defensive. It wasn't perfect, by any means. But there was a certain tenacity, a certain attitude that was brought to the game. And you could feel it. I think the fans could feel it, the players could feel it. I think that's the kind of mindset you have to bring to every game. And that'll be call this week."

On passing accuracy versus Philadelphia:

"You don't downplay a thing I like that, but you try and just move on to the next week. You don't have games like that very often. That's why there are so few who've done it. I know 14 out of 15 or whatever that might not come around anymore. But I definitely remember that it did and you try to make sure that you can duplicate that throughout the weeks."

On Rob Ryan's Quote, ‘It's unfair to face [the Redskins system]' in a short-week:

There is so much focus on the new things that we're doing; they don't really focus on what we have done. We're mixing it up, throwing different formations out there, different routes at them. That's what you have to do. Their defense isn't easy by any means - the way they run it and the overload blitzes that they do. I think both teams have a problem when it comes to the short turn around. But hopefully we'll both make the most of it. ---- #Or just us. Either way.

On Pierre Garcon's impact:

"Pierre brings an attitude to the game. He's going to talk. He's going to play hard. He's going to block. And he's going to let you know that he's out there - whether it's me or the defense. It's that attitude that he brings to the rest of the receivers that are out there on the field, that's what you can feel the most. He looked really good on film, based on what we saw. He ran great routes. He was open most of the time and we'll look to get it to him."

#Still holding off another week before I start him in fantasy. #Hope I'm wrong, though.

On the importance of making his dad proud with on-field/off-field accomplishments:

"It's paramount to me. I didn't even know what that word meant, till he taught it to me a few years ago. [Laughs]. It's really important. He was there for me. He sacrificed so much for me, so I want to make sure I make him proud. In everything I do, I try to think what would my parents would think if they were sitting right there watching me do it. Whenever I go off the field, win, lose or draw...he gives me his criticism or praise. There are games where we lose and I think he's going to tear me apart and he doesn't tear me apart. And there games where you go 14 for 15 and he's chewing you out, and I'm like, ‘Come on, dad.'

---- #Don't be too hard on him, RGII #At least he's not the streets.

On what you're thankful for this year:

"Just to be able to wake up every morning. My parents. My family. All you guys asking me all these questions. There are so many things you can be thankful for. I learned back in 2009 after my season-ending injury in college, you have to be thankful for the little things. The ability to walk. Do those kind of things. And get around and move. Cause not everybody does. So be grateful for what you have. And whatever you want, strive to go get it."