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DeAngelo Hall Separated By Security

Justin K. Aller

We crush the Eagles, we're heading into Dallas on a high note... everyone is supposed to be happy right? There are no distractions that could possibly slow these positive vibes! WRONG. DHall, the gift that keeps on giving reared his ugly head this afternoon:

Ian Rapport tweeted about the incident (Sorry Twitter is broken to embed this, what else is new?):

"Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall was in a screaming episode with a reporter. Were separated by security, PR. Reporter & Hall later met to discuss"

No way! Not DHall!

Apparently the spat was with Washington Post reporter Mike Jones. Hall started to refute a quote that Jones had. Whatever the quote was Jones had it on tape and an "altercation" ensued. Apparently both Jones and Hall met to hash out the issue.

Now on to Dallas!

[Editorial Note: DHall didn't think Mike Jones' story on the secondary meeting with coaches over the BYE to clean things up was accurate. They've since met and had a calm conversation. Stay tuned]