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Daily Slop: DeAngelo Hall Will be Fined but not Suspended; Redskins Throwback Jerseys, a Chance to Connect With History

Justin K. Aller


redskins' offense lacks playmaking receivers | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
The Steelers are too good to play one-dimensional football against. Their defense is one of the most aggressive units in the league and presents a challenge for any opposing offense. But if you allow them to basically eliminate half of your playbook, there’s little chance you’re leaving Heinz Field with a victory.

Shanahan: This is When Teams are ‘Taken Over By Veterans’ " CBS DC
"This is where football teams are taken over by their veterans," Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan said. "Either step up or shut up." Shanahan added, "You can go one direction or the other. You expect [veterans] to play at a higher level."

Jim Haslett: "We Weren’t Happy With How We Played" " CBS DC
"We weren’t happy with how we played," Haslett said Thursday. He talked about just a couple breakdowns really hurting them in the run defense and addressed the DeAngelo Hall situation. The cornerback was ejected from the game following a fourth quarter skirmish with officials

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Assessing Redskins at the Half Way Point | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Not only have we reached the halfway point of the 2012 Redskins season but last week’s game marked the halfway point of Vice President and Coach Mike Shanahan's five year contract. So let’s debate where the team and coach Shanny stand at this point. Two weeks ago we looked at a possible split between the Giants and Steelers games, but that didn't happen.

Washington Redskins Offensive Line a Pleasant Surprise in Tough Year " CBS DC
"You gotta let the stats speak for themselves," coach Mike Shanahan said. "Any time you’re running the ball like we are, I think it speaks very highly of the offensive line and the offensive unit in general. That doesn’t just happen, not in this league against the competition you play. A lot of guys are doing a lot of good things."

RGIII Ignores Cam Newton Comparisons | NBC4 Washington
Griffin, who always seems to know exactly what to say to the media (something that Newton is nowhere close to mastering), conceded that "We do run similar schemes. There’s a lot of similarities," but added: "I’d rather be compared to Aaron Rodgers, or a guy like that: someone who’s won Super Bowls. You want to go out there and win, and that’s our biggest goal. It’s not about me versus Cam Newton, it’s about us getting the win, and getting to 4-5 going into the bye week."

The Redskins Blog | Series History: Redskins-Panthers
The Redskins are 7-3 all-time in combined regular-season and postseason games vs. the Panthers.

Redskins WR Robinson looks forward to another chance |
"Just putting a lot more focus in it and trying to work on the details and little things," Robinson said. "Things that will help me do better than the last time when I had that chance. … I didn’t play as well as I wanted in the St. Louis game, but I’m grinding and now I have another chance. …I have to take a better approach."

DeAngelo Hall will be fined but not suspended
Hall will be fined and will receive a warning that further misconduct could lead to a suspension, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the league had made no official announcement about Hall’s penalty. The amount of the fine was not known Thursday. But Hall remains eligible to play in Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers at FedEx Field and subsequent games.

Chris Cooley looks more comfortable in second week back
Coach Mike Shanahan said tight end Chris Cooley is feeling more comfortable on the practice field in his second week back with the team. The Redskins re-signed Cooley after losing tight end Fred Davis for the season with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Cooley had no catches Sunday at Pittsburgh in his first game back.

Carolina Panthers offensive player to watch: WR Steve Smith
"He’s a hard worker, hard-nosed, tough, physical, fast, and he just finds ways to make plays," Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson said of the five-time Pro Bowl receiver. "Cam [Newton] is getting him the ball, and he’s got strong hands, goes up and gets it, and has great concentration."

Redskins-Panthers: 4 Keys To Victory
The Panther's quarterback enjoyed his best statistical game of his career against the Redskins last year, completing 78.3 percent of his passes for 256 yards and a touchdown, earning a 127.5 passer rating. He also ran 10 times for 59 yards and another touchdown.

Weaker opposition in second half could help Redskins' pass defense - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
As you may have heard, the Redskins are on pace to give up over 5,000 passing yards this year. That would top the NFL record of 4,796 yards the Packers gave up last year. Even allowing for differences in rules that have made passing easier, that is quite an embarrassing performance. However, they may not end up setting that dubious record. For one thing, the weather will get worse and perhaps not as friendly to the passing game. In addition, the quarterbacks the Redskins will face in the second half of the season are not performing as well as the QB’s they went up against the first eight games.

DALY: Accuracy remains a QB's top attribute - Washington Times
It’s such a temptation, though, when you have a quarterback with Griffin’s many talents. You want to give RG3 enough freedom to be RG3. Or to put it another way, you don’t hitch Secretariat to a wagon. But there are limits, and the sooner the Redskins learn those limits, the better. Bottom line: The wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented. The wheel is turning just fine. There’s a romance to playing quarterback differently than others have played it, but the reality can be quite different. Just ask Michael Vick and Cam Newton.

Redskins throwback jerseys a chance to 'connect with history' - Washington Times
"I think the helmets look cool with the leather look-alike," defensive lineman Kedric Golston said. "And whenever you can connect with history like that, you should take advantage of it and understand the importance of it."

The Carrikers Have a New Addition, Tyler Polumbus Wins 4th & Pain Title for Week 8 | 4th & Pain: The only pro wrestling show hosted by and NFL player and a Weight Loss Champion

Schefter says Redskins best positioned in the NFC East
"So there is pressure on the front office to come through and find prospects. Secondly, the Redskins will have a case pending against the league to appeal the $36 million cap space that they lost. Let’s see how that turns out. Maybe they get back some relief, maybe they don’t….I don’t know and they don’t know. This I do know; the Redskins think they have a case, and we’ll see what happens."

RGIII gives out socks for Halloween
I guess I didn’t spend any time thinking about what Robert Griffin III would be handing out to trick-or-treaters at his Leesburg home. He’s obviously too cool for raisins or Starbursts or Now and Laters, the runts of Halloween treats. He wouldn’t go with Butterfingers, in case that reflected poorly on his wide receivers. Milk Duds carry the faint whiff of unmet expectations. Three Musketeers aren’t inclusive enough — maybe 53 Musketeers, but that’s not on the market.

HTTR 24-7 - Coordinated Chaos- Mike Shanahans History With Defensive Coordinators

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