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Rodgers-Cromartie Needs To Be Fined for Head-Hunting RGIII

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Dominique Reshard Rodgers-Cromartie has a history of launching and clearly tried to injure RGIII.


In 2010, the NFL updated the rule book to disallow launching. "Launching" means leaving the ground to make the hit. In the Eagles vs Redskins game yesterday, it is clear as day that all Rodgers-Cromartie needs to do on this play is lower his shoulder and hold his ground. Whether he made the hit or not, the intention was there.


For those that try to argue it was a fluke play, DRC's "launching" history precedes him. Earlier this year he was fined $21,000 for this hit on Byron Leftwich. Totally ridiculous. Obviously, the first fine did not teach him a lesson...step up Goodell.


Hat tip to @MisterIrrelevantDC and @recordsANDradio for the gifs.