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Video: DeMaurice Smith Talks About Growing Up a Redskins Fan

DeMaurice Smith shares some stories of meeting Art Monk and Gary Clark as a kid and his most prized Redskins memorabilia (besides his Redskins Zubaz).

Last night, I had the fortune of attending the 17th Annual Native Vision Gala hosted by Brian Mitchell and Martin Sheen. For the 17th consecutive year, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health have partnered to host the event, which raises awareness for American Indian youth and their families. I didn't know until last night that American Indians youth are the most deprived communities in all of America. Kids regularly die of dehydration from diarrhea and fall into a life of crime. Proceeds from the event benefited Native Vision's Sports and Life Skills program, a national initiative designed to promote healthy lifestyles and education for Native American Youth and families. Here's a great recap of the night including pictures of all the celebrities that were there.

I had the chance to interview DeMaurice Smith on the red carpet. Since NFLPA's Executive Director was born and raised in D.C....I focused on the Redskins:

  • What does he think of the Redskins 3-6 start?
  • Does he call RGIII after games to congratulate him or asked what happened on a failed play?
  • Is it true he owns a pair of Redskins Zubaz pants.