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NFL's Top Offenses Have League's Best Quarterbacks

There's the best.............and then there is RG3!


There is no secret that the NFL is a passing league. If you haven't realized this by now, then the game has obviously passed you by. You need a good quarterback to win consistently in this league(we have discussed this at nauseum). Without that good quarterback, you won't be able to move the football, and if you can't move the ball consistently, you can't put points on the board. If you can't put points on the board in this league, you can't win. End of story.

So, is their a correlation between the top offenses in the NFL, and the top quarterbacks in the NFL? One could almost certainly argue YES.

Below are the top 10 Offenses in the NFL as rated by Take a look at the men guiding these potent attacks, and see for yourself if the correlation holds true.

NFL's Top Offenses(Yds/Game):

New England Patriots(430.3): Tom Brady - A sure-fire Hall of Famer. May be the GOAT.

Detroit Lions(406.1): Matt Stafford - A young star who is finally playing healthy.

Denver Broncos(395.1): Peyton Manning - Thought the games best QB was done? Think again

New Orleans Saints(392.3): Drew Brees - Brees continues to put up numbers each year.

Indianapolis Colts(387.3): Andrew Luck - Bit of a surprise here, but the rookie is good

Atlanta Falcons(385.2): Matt Ryan - Ryan is becoming one of the NFL's elite passers.

Washington Redskins(381.8): Robert Griffin - The dynamic rookie has not disappointed.

Philadelphia Eagles(373.3): Michael Vick - The one exception on this list.

Dallas Cowboys(372.7): Tony Romo - Romo may choke a lot, but he's a pretty good QB

New York Giants(367.4): Eli Manning - There is no doubt that Manning is one of the best

I see two exemption from this list: Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. The Packers are 19th and the Steelers are 15th. One point to note is that the Packers, while not top 10 in offense, are averaging 26.6 points per game, which is 10th in the league.

What's also interesting to note, that unlike the past where a good running game would set up the pass, now it's a solid passing game, and a good QB that will help set up the run.

Now, let's look at the bottom 10 teams in the NFL:

NFL's Worst Offenses

Jacksonville Jaguars(263.6): Blaine Gabbert - Ugh........not much more to say.

Arizona Cardinals(295.4): Kolb/Skelton - Ugh......this is a mess

New Your Jets(302.7): Mark Sanchez - Sanchez is one of the worst QB's in the league.

Miami Dolphins(309.9): Ryan Tannehill - The rookie is off to a rough start.

Cleveland Browns(312.0): Brandon Weeden - Another Rookie who is struggling.

Chicago Bears(316.8): Jay Cutler - Probably the only exception on this list.

Seattle Seahawks(317.2): Russell Wilson - The rookie has been hot and cold.

Tennessee Titans(324.5): Jake Locker - Locker has missed some time due to injury.

St. Louis Rams(332.2): Sam Bradford - Bradford has yet to put it all together.

Carolina Panthers(334.3): Cam Newton - The sophomore slump hit the talented Newton.

When I look at these two lists, something definitely stands out to me. Of the five players I view as the worst quarterbacks in the NFL - Sanchez, Weeden, Gabbert, Kolb and Tannehill, four show up in the bottom 10 of the NFL. Of the five players I view as the best quarterbacks in the NFL - Brady, P. Manning, Brees, Rodgers and E. Manning, four appear in the top 10.