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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Latest Redskins news from around the web.

Patrick McDermott


Reading the tea leaves on Garçon | CSN Washington
Things have been different this week. Garçon has been planting his foot and running patterns at something close to full speed. "That’s a big plus because he hasn’t been doing that for a long time," said Mike Shanahan on Garçon’s practices.

Mike Shanahan showed the Redskins the standings
"I don’t even know our record, what, 3-6?" Hall told 106.7 The Fan’s LaVar and Dukes program. "To be 3-6 and actually have a chance to control your own destiny is pretty rare. "When we met Monday, that was the topic of the meeting," Hall said. "Coach put the records up and showed us that we actually have a chance. And that’s all you can ask for, especially when you went out and kind of stunk it up the first half of the season. To actually have a chance to still be playing for something at this point, with three wins, is definitely surprising. We’ve got to take advantage of it….

Week 11 NFL Picks with Goldberg: 49ers A Lock, Jets Have Upset Potential | 4th & Pain with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll
Goldberg joins Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on 4th & Pain to deliver his NFL Week 11 picks. Last week the pro wrestling icon picked three games correctly, but maintains a narrow, one-game advantage in the season standings (not counting his absence in Week 9).

HTTR 24-7 - Michael Lombardi- Podcast Transcript (11/14/12)
" That’s a great question..To me when they got hit with cap penalties and got hit with $36 million and lost $18 million your gonna have to figure out how to find players, your gonna have to figure it out because you have to find a solution. Ive often said Daniel Snyder has made a mistake about putting money into players when he should of put $ 5 million dollars into having a state of the art personnel department, build the personnel department that"s the best in the league instead of spending money on one player that you’re never gonna see again so I think now is the time to do it. Its going to be a real challenge for Mike and its going to be difficult."

Redskins vs. Eagles: How the Hail do we win? - The Burgundy Warpath
Here are some things the Redskins need to do to beat the Eagles on Sunday.

Vick Misses Practice as Eagles Prep for Redskins -
"Michael's in a good place," coach Andy Reid said. "He's hurting a little bit from the concussion, but he's in a good place. I haven't tried to overburden him right now." Foles was 22 of 32 for 219 yards with a touchdown and an interception in relief of Vick. Those numbers weren't enough to help the Eagles avoid their fifth straight loss, a first in coach Reid's 14 seasons. "He's going to handle it like he's going," Reid said of Foles. "Whether he does or not, we'll see how that works out."

Redskins' Jammal Brown has 'setback' with hip - Washington Times
"Obviously it's a setback because he couldn't practice today. He was quite sore this morning and we didn't know he was going to be that way," coach Mike Shanahan said. "We thought he was going to practice. But he got in this morning for treatment and that's why he's out. It's a setback but we'll find out here shortly exactly how big a setback it is."

Redskins vs. Eagles: 5 Questions - Washington Times
Previewing the Redskins' Week 10 matchup with the Eagles.

RG3, Luck, Wilson: Debating rookie QBs - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Nobody got attention like Griffin got it in September, when he was being talked about as an MVP candidate and not just Rookie of the Year. In truth, he's been dazzling, and has handled every situation, in-game and off-field, as well as you could ask a rookie to handle it. But if the bloom is coming off, it's understandable. The Redskins have lost three games in a row, and Griffin's two most recent games are the only ones this year in which his completion percentage has been under 60.

Lichtensteiger: 'Now It's Crunch Time'
"It was very timely for me. It’s a long season and it’s been a grind," Lichtensteiger said. "Get the good grind in to begin with, and at this point it’s kind of on the way down. "I think no matter when the bye week comes it’s always a good time to step away from it for a little bit and regroup."

Redskins Haslett hopes meetings pay off Sunday |
"You address the problems when you have it if you have an issue," he said. "This was good timing, that’s all. It was just good timing to talk to some individuals and groups. It’s nothing different than you do throughout the season."

Jim Haslett, Washingotn Redskins Not Taking Nick Foles Lightly " CBS DC
"He brings leadership," Haslett said of the man sidelined by a knee injury. "He’s got great ball skills, a guy who can make plays." Haslett also talked about the possibility of playing Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles on Sunday.

Let’s teach kids about the successes and failures of big-time sports - Hard Hits - The Washington Post
Let’s teach kids about big-time athletics the same way they learn about everything else.

TiqIQ - Washington Redskins tickets
Ticket prices for the Redskins' next game. Can view by section, price, etc.