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Does the Quality of HD TVs Make You Want to Buy Redskins Tickets Less?

Roger Goodell said the quality of HD TVs pose a threat in the NFL's ability to sell tickets to games.

Jonathan Daniel

In regards to the title of that question, I know the answer most will say is: "No, the Redskins' inability to win more than two games at home the last three years and not winning more than 6 games does." Via NY Post...

"One of our biggest challenges in the league is the experience at home," Goodell told a Falcons' fan group just before the Falcons-Cowboys game. And "HD is only going to get better," (Only four games out of 132 so far this season have been blacked out on TV for lack of a sell-out, the leagues says. But the league instituted new rules this year that makes it easier to get a blackout lifted.)

Ken and I have been staples at Fedex Field throughout these painstaking years, and I don't think Goodell has a lot to worry about. Nothing beats tailgating with friends and family in the element. I've actually missed the last three home games for various reasons, but the inconvenience of getting to Fedex Field from D.C. without a car has started to take a toll. I own a HDTV, but nothing replaces a game day experience. If I can't make the game, I at least try to make it to a bar so there's something going on around me. When ESPN signed their new deal for Monday Night Football last year, they included the rights to broadcast games in 3D starting in 2014. Who knows what that will bring.

What say you?

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