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Call of Duty: How the Redskins Defense Can Find a Way to Win

The lack of pass rush has been killer...what can the Redskins do to fix that?


It's interesting to read all the articles this week about how the 3-6 Redskins can make the playoffs. Have we all forgotten how bad this defense is? What team in NFL history has gone on a 6-2 run with this stat?

  • Redskins currently rank tied for 28th in sacks with 14.
Man...I thought our Zorn days of not being able to get sacks were fixed drafting Orakpo and Kerrigan bringing in Cofield and Bowen. There is some room for optimism here. The Redskins are tied for 6th best in interceptions with 10. So, these corners and safeties can get the job done as long as they're not forced to cover guys. Sure, there have been some blown assignments, but the pass rush triumphs everything.

When I watched the Cowboys and Eagles game, Foles struggled mightily when pressure was on him. The Redskins need to find a way to get pressure with less talent. They haven't done that all year and with the speedy DJax and Maclin running wild in the secondary, Nick Foles with time will have a big day.

Kerrigan has not been winning one-on-one battles, which is a problem. He has had only 1 sack in the last 4 games and only has 4.5 for the season. Looking at the roster, I don't see an easy answer. Rob Jackson's strong suit is coverage, so not having a pass rusher that can win battles on the edge makes things difficult. With Brandon Meriweather back, perhaps the Redskins can get more creative with their safety and corner blitzes. The Eagles OLine is borderline Cerrato-esque with all the injuries they've game-plan would be to continue bringing more pass rushers then they can handle and hope our CBs and LBs make the tackles on the short throws.

Another key stat...the Eagles have exactly as many few sacks as us. Let the shootout begin.

Will the Redskins defense answer the call? How would you game plan?

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