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Daily Slop: Meriweather Eyes Possible Return Sunday; Robert Griffin III Avoids Comparisons to Cam Newton

Joe Sargent


Redskins Practice Update: Shanahan, RG3 " CBS DC
Brandon Meriweather (knee) was limited in practice, but with the bye week following this week’s game, Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan said it would be a "long shot" if Meriweather played. Pierre Garçon (toe) didn’t practice and likely won’t until after the bye week. Perry Riley (hamstring) was limited, everyone else fully practiced.

Roger Goodell criticizes DeAngelo Hall's referee tirade -
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke Wednesday on "Madden Football" on SiriusXM NFL Radio and indicated a decision on potential punishment for Hall will come Wednesday or Thursday. It didn't sound like Goodell will be lenient. Alfred Morris "Well, I think that's the point of our rules here," Goodell told host and columnist Adam Schien. "There's respect for the people who are playing the game, coaching the game and officiating the game, and it is critical that we have that. And it is not only respect for the game and the people who are involved, but also sportsmanship. And we want to make sure that we maintain that. "That's not what football is about. We're not suggesting that everyone is going to agree with every officiating call on the field, but there's a way to do that and there's a way not to do it. And we have very strong rules in this area, and we're going to enforce them aggressively."

Redskins S Meriweather eyes possible return Sunday |
One player isn’t the answer to the Redskins pass defense woes. But the Redskins wouldn’t mind getting another player back who might help. Safety Brandon Meriweather said Wednesday that his left knee is a "lot better" than it was when he tried to return vs. Tampa Bay in Week 4. However, he also said: "Am I ready to play? I don’t know yet."

Redskins vs. Steelers: Studs and Duds (offense) |
RT Tyler Polumbus. Nobody has improved up front as much as Polumbus over the last month, though, in truth, no one had as far to go, either. But he’s done a much better job lately of staying balanced in the pass rush. The only legitimate pressure he surrendered occurred on the flea flicker against LaMarr Woodley.

Say It Ain't So - Burgundy Blog [On the World Wide Warpath]
Here’s what I want to focus on, and I must warn you…it isn’t palatable. I want to examine a major problem in this rapidly disintegrating defense that isn’t getting much publicity. It’s not the pass rush, which barely exists. It’s not the secondary, which clearly can’t cover. It’s the guy that’s supposed to be the heart and soul of the linebacking corps, the front seven, the greater defense, and really the entire team. I am compelled to blog about London Fletcher, because the London Fletcher we have come to know and love is probably gone.

History Shows Election Could Impact Redskins Future | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Despite a strong start under President Roosevelt, including the highest winning percentage of any President, the Democrats have seen their Redskins record fall to 242-281-14, good for just a .463 winning percentage. Based on a 16 game season, that is just 7.4 wins a year, or more likely a 7-8-1 record. Republicans, despite a disastrous first eight years under President Eisenhower, have found success for the Washington Redskins with a career record of 289-223-8. That comes out to a .563 winning percentage, or just over 9 wins a season or a 9-7 record. Remarkably since 1937 Democrats have held office for 39.5 seasons and Republicans have 36 seasons in office.

The Redskins Blog | You Could Hang Out With Stephen Bowen
Ask the entire Redskins roster who the funniest guy is on the team, and I guarantee you’ll hear one name way more than others: Stephen Bowen. He’s soft-spoken in interviews and quietly makes his way around the team’s facility throughout the day, but make no mistake: Bowen is definitely the class clown of the Redskins — and YOU have a chance to "hang out" with him.

Robert Griffin III avoids comparisons to Cam Newton
Entering his first NFL matchup this weekend with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Griffin said he will leave comparisons between the two former Heisman Trophy winners to the media. "It’s not my job to try to compare," Griffin said. Griffin said he watched Newton’s play last season, when Newton was a rookie with the Panthers, but didn’t spend much time studying Carolina’s offense during the offseason. He said he would rather be compared to a Super Bowl winner such as Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay.

Sav Rocca says knee is sore, but doesn’t impact punts
"It’s sore, you know? But I want to keep my job, so I keep punting," Rocca said. "I think it’s, you know, it’s in the back of my mind that it’s there. It is painful. I try to get by without [thinking about it]. You know, I can hit good punts with it, so I don’t blame it for having a bad punt." Rocca punted only once in that game — a 33-yarder – against New York. Sunday against Pittsburgh, he had three punts in addition to the 12-yarder. He had a long of 52 and averaged 37.8 yards a punt (his average this season is 36.6).

Lorenzo Alexander not sure if Hall ‘did anything to cross the line’
"I don’t know if D-Hall did anything to cross the line, in my opinion," Alexander said Wednesday. "It was a timeout. He took his helmet off. Fine. All he was doing was talking and it escalated to cussing. He never touched the ref or anything like that. I’m trying to move him back. [The] guy’s kind of chasing him at the same time. So I think both parties needed to do a better job of, ‘Okay, it’s over. Let’s get away from it.’ "

London Fletcher hopes he’ll be closer to 100 percent this week
Said Fletcher: "Any time you’re dealing with something that’s not just a muscle or something like that, you’re talking about balance and different things like that, where you’ve got to go take neurological tests, sure it’s scary. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t on my mind. But I’m just happy I was able to get some answers…You try to block those things out when the ball is snapped."

Washington Redskins Vs Carolina Panthers Week 9 (Promo Video)
This week the Redskins are in a must win situation with the bye week looking them in the face and a 3-5 record.

All-NFC East Team: Week 8 update - NFC East Blog - ESPN
None of the NFC East's quarterbacks played especially well this weekend, so there's no change at the most scrutinized position on our All-Division Tea

Does RG3 or Cam Newton have higher upside? - NFL Videos
Tom Waddle joins the show to discuss whether Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III or Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has a higher upside.

Redskins' DeAngelo Hall practicing; penalty may be delayed - Washington Times
"They wouldn’t let somebody practice a full practice if somebody was going to be suspended for this week’s game," Shanahan said. "At least it’s never happened, I don’t believe it’s happened before. It’s never happened to me."

Would 7-9 be a tragedy for Redskins? -
The Redskins are on-pace for a 7-9 record. Would that be such a bad thing?

Statistical resumes of every current defensive coordinator in the NFL – Blogging the bEast
I’m not sure if a place exists on the Internet that shows the statistical resumes of every coordinator in the NFL. If there is, I can’t find it. This is the time of year where fans start to call for the heads of their teams’ head coaches, so I figured this might serve as a menu of sorts for replacement options, at least in terms of current coordinators in the league.