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DeAngelo Gets Hall Pass for Cussing Out Referee - Fined Only

Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall was suspended one game for his verbal altercation with an umpire.

Joe Sargent

Star CB DeAngelo Hall avoided suspension and will get by Roger Goodell. The NFL showed some consistency here since Kyle Shanahan did the same thing and Bill Belichick even made contact with a ref but both were only fined in those altercations.

This is not DHall's first meltdown. In a 2007 game with the Falcons, he had a blowup with Panthers' WR Steve Smith that resulted in 3 penalties for 67 yards. DHall then get in a verbal altercation with his assistant secondary coach and the head coach. The Falcons fined him heavily and to which Hall said, "I made a mistake...I promise it won't happen again, no matter what." Oops.

Lorenzo Alexander on the altercation vs the ref in Steelers game:

"I don't know if D-Hall did anything to cross the line, in my opinion," Alexander said Wednesday. "It was a timeout. He took his helmet off. Fine. All he was doing was talking and it escalated to cussing. He never touched the ref or anything like that. I'm trying to move him back. [The] guy's kind of chasing him at the same time. So I think both parties needed to do a better job of, ‘Okay, it's over. Let's get away from it.' "

DHall's take on it:

"For me to walk away from that incident and plead with the ref and beg, like, 'Dude, what do I have to do to get a flag?' Dude just slammed me, nothing happened. I don't understand what you're looking at. If you're going to try to keep this game safe and the way it's supposed to be played, there's no way that particular play shouldn't have drawn a flag,' " Hall said.

Jim Haslett's take on it:

"I understand why he was upset. I don't agree with what he said afterwards."

DHall also mentioned that taking his helmet off was not a big deal since the whistle had already blown for a TV timeout. My question to that is...if we were in a TV timeout, then how did we all get to watch this live?


I think a point has to be made by Shanahan and bench DeAngelo Hall for at least the first half. Josh Morgan saw the same fate. So, that leaves Cedric Griffin or Richard Crawford? It's got to be Griffin I'd think.

As for DHall's contract. He is as good as gone. Since Bruce Allen dumped his signing bonus into the uncapped year, the Redskins can cut him at no cost this off-season:

If Hall is released in March - the Redskins can save 8 million dollars in cap money in 2013 and of course, the 9.5 million. Period. Done.