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Billy Cundiff Deflects Blame of Missed Kick to His Teammates

Cundiff says the missed FG didn't matter since the team lost by seven points, even though there was an obvious momentum swing.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

It should be noted that Shanahan is bringing in Kickers for tryouts on Tuesday.

With that being said, Billy Cundiff has been a punching bag the last couple weeks for his missed kicks, and rightfully so. However, these comments after the Falcons game should give him the pink slip immediately instead of allowing him to compete. Via The Washington Times:

"You look at the final score, and obviously even if I would've made that field goal, we still would've needed four more points," Cundiff said. "So it's one of those things that you obviously would've needed two more field goal attempts beyond that."

I mean. Wow. The followup question I would have loved to ask would have been, "So, going up 10-0 at home is just as good as missing a FG, seeing an undefeated team celebrate, and then going 60 some yards for a touchdown to make it 7-3?"

Since I'm in a gif mood today, this is Billy Cundiff's football career right now in terms of Olympic swimming.


HAT TIP to @GarretOhm for pointing out the quote.