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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Larry French - Getty Images


Redskins CB Wilson upset over TD pass |
Redskins corner Josh Wilson wouldn’t change anything about how he played the 18-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones. Mainly, he said, because he did his job. And someone else didn’t do theirs. Jones made a tightrope catch along the sidelines over the top of Wilson. However, Wilson said he did his job. "It was a cover-2, figure that out," Wilson said. In other words: the safety wasn’t there.

Falcons 24, Redskins 17: Ten Observations |
OK, you want more numbers on Cundiff? Of his last 49 field goal attempts, he’s made only 35. That’s a 71.4 percent success rate. That’s not a small sample size, either and it’s far below average.

RGIII Thinks He’ll Be Cleared to Face Vikings After Concussion " CBS DC

"It was just one of those bang-bang plays," Weatherspoon said. "He got outside, kept going, and it happened so fast when we hit each other. Unfortunately, he went out of the game, but hopefully he’s doing good."

The Redskins Blog | Kerrigan Talks TD, ‘Landover Leap’

"That guy is special," Jenkins said. "He deserves it, as hard as he works. He’s in before everybody and leaves after everybody, and he’s a Pro-Bowl player. If he keeps going like this, he’s going to be a legend in this league."

Washington Redskins Post Game Thoughts | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

Yes I know he threw two interceptions at the end of the game that allowed the Falcons to run out the clock, but this loss is not blamed on him. Cousins is a rookie who barely gets any snaps in practice, especially with the starters. So it is not surprising to see him and Fred Davis on a different page on a timing route (1st interception).

RG3 Report: Falcons 24, Redskins 17 |

After 33 combined runs in the first three games, Griffin has only run nine times in the past two – and only once vs. the Falcons. Clearly the coaches are trying to be smarter. It’s like they had a new toy and got a bit overexcited about what it could do.

Wrap up: Falcons 24, Redskins 17 - NFC East Blog - ESPN

Running back Alfred Morris, picked in the sixth round of this year's draft, continues to roll. He had his second straight 100-yard rushing game, picking up 115 on 18 carries and catching a 20-yard pass for good measure. No other Redskins running back got more than one carry. Morris has a stranglehold on the job.

RG3 will be re-examined Monday

Redskins fans will have to wait until at least Monday for an update on RG3 who suffered a "mild concussion" in Sunday's loss to the Falcons.

GameDay: Atlanta Falcons vs. Washington Redskins highlights - NFL Videos

Matt Ryan throws for 345 yards and two touchdowns as the Atlanta Falcons beat the Washington Redskins 24-17 in Week 5 to stay undefeated.

Need to Know: Cundiff employs fuzzy math - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

An NFL kicker makes that kick at least 80 percent of the time. Nobody knows how the dynamic of the rest of the game if the Redskins had those three points. Well, nobody except for Cundiff. "You look at the final score and obviously, even if I would've made that field goal we still would've needed 4 more points," he said. Sorry, Billy, wrong answer.

Redskins’ third-down struggles hurt offense, defense - Washington Times

"I thought in the first half we had some opportunities to get some momentum going and couldn’t make those third downs," he said. "That’s been pretty consistent for us to be the football team we need to be, and be able to keep someone a little bit more off-balance than we did, we’ve got to convert on those third downs. We were close, had a couple of hands that were very close to making those third downs, but you’ve got to make them."

Alfred Morris was the focus of Falcons with RG3 out - Washington Times

"Robert not being in there definitely changed their scheme up. I already knew it was going to be that way. So I was ready," Morris said. "The defensive backs definitely were coming a lot faster downhill, so it definitely caused some problems."

Robert Griffin III concussion is Redskins’ — and their fans’ — nightmare - The Washington Post

The genuine hold-your-breath moment for Robert Griffin III came in Week 5, and it made everyone from Mike Shanahan to Millie from Fredericksburg cringe and instantly realize the hard truth: There is no replacement for unbridled hope on the field.