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Robert Griffin III expects to play in Week 6

Robert Griffin III expressed confidence he'll be able to play in Week 6 after sustaining a concussion.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

In the wake of Robert Griffin III's concussion, the QB came out this evening saying he's confident that despite the NFL's rigorous testing, he will pass the precautions and play next week against Minnesota.

This from RGIII's Twitter account:

"Thank you for all the prayers & support I'm ok and I think after all the testing I will play next week."

Due to the current climate surrounding head injuries, the NFL will take a long look at any player suffering from a concussion, let alone one of its young stars. In order to be cleared to play, RGIII must pass a battery of tests administered not only by the Washington Redskins' organization, but by an independent doctor who is brought in by the league.

This afternoon, the duty of fill-in quarterback fell to rookie Kirk Cousins, though the Redskins could elect to return to veteran Rex Grossman, who was Washington's starter in 2012. Grossman was inactive on Sunday, and was only available as an emergency third QB.

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