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Weekend Tailgate: Elements of a Trap Game

You always hear about a "trap game" in the NFL, but what makes one up?

Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Many have labeled this weekend's Redskins-Falcons game as a "Trap Game". What makes up a trap game and is this your typical one?

1. Over-Confidence: The visiting team most come in almost cocky and un-businesslike. Check and check, This is definitely the case for the Falcons who are coming in at 4-0. Lets be realistic. They barely escaped the lowly Panthers a week ago. The Dirty Birds may feel confident on the surface but deep down their defense has not performed and now their facing something they've never really seen before in RG3.

2. Exploiting Weaknesses: We all know what the Falcons are really good at, but beyond their high flying offense their defense has struggled a bit. Last week they gave up nearly 200 rushing yards to the Panthers, and in their other three games they've given up well over 100 yards in each. You know what the Redskins are really good at? Running the ball with RG3 and Alfred Morris. The rookie combo should be able to flourish on Sunday and hopefully control the clock and tempo of this game.

3. Trendy Media Picks: I think this mainly pertains to sports radio, but wherever you look this week on a national level you see one guys sticking his head out to say "watch out for this game this week". This has definitely happened with the Skins this week, adding to the element of the trap game.

In conclusion...