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Daily Slop: Garçon Getting Better, Ryan Grant is Ready; Josh Leribeus Enjoying the rookie Experience

Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


Redskins DC Haslett: Pleased with run defense |
On Roddy White and Julio Jones: "One is big and athletic [White] and can go up and catch the ball the other is really fast, great route runner, make all the catches and maybe the two best blocking receivers in the National Football League. They go up and throw their body around. They’re tough, they’re physical. They have a mean streak to them. It’s a great challenge for our back end to see if we can control these two."

HomerMcFanboy " josh leribeus enjoying the rookie experience
There was just one problem – he didn’t know which coach. In all of the excitement and confusion, he didn’t actually know what team was drafting him. "I look right up as I answer the phone and the Buffalo Bills, they have their pick coming up," said LeRibeus. "It just switched to Buffalo. I’m like, ‘Oh [shoot]!’" Outside of being a big fan of Buffalo wings, LeRibeus didn’t know much about that part of the country. However, having grown up a Denver Broncos fan, he was thrilled to learn he’d been selected by Mike Shanahan. Prior to that phone call, LeRibeus didn’t even know Washington was interested in him, though he would later find out they had talked to his coach at Southern Methodist the day before the draft.

Redskins Practice Update: Mike & Kyle Shanahan Speak " CBS DC
"It was good to have Pierre out there," Kyle Shanahan said on Garçon. "I still know he wasn’t 100 percent healthy, but for him to show up and battle like he did…his presence was definitely felt on the run game." Kyle Shanahan also talked about Robert Griffin III running the two-minute drill and how "he handled it well" when his headset went out. Griffin III led the Redskins to a game winning field goal on the final drive.

Redskins email report excerpt: Looking at the offense |
The Redskins only needed a quarter of a season to show that their offense, particularly when led by Robert Griffin III, is better. A lot better. Perhaps when they face better defenses they’ll be slowed. Then again, maybe by then the rookies, Griffin and running back Alfred Morris will be even better and receiver Pierre Garcon will be healthy.

Redskins Notes: Garçon Getting Better, Haslett’s Great Respect for Falcons, Grant is Ready " CBS DC
Newly acquired running back Ryan Grant is hoping to make his Redskins debut this Sunday after landing on the team’s inactive list against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "I felt like I could’ve contributed last week," said Grant. "Me being deactivated had more to do with some of the other guys they needed up."

Elfin: Hall’s Heated History with Falcons is Water Under Bridge " CBS DC
Three years after the trade and 15 months after the incident in the Georgia Dome, Smith, who was coaching the NFC team in the Pro Bowl, sought out Hall when they reached Hawaii. "We had a real good conversation sitting out by the pool the first night we were there," Smith recalled. "DeAngelo is one of the most competitive guys in this league. You can see it in the way he plays every week. Competition and emotion are a big part of being successful in this league and that’s why he’s been around for nine years and played the way he’s played."

The Redskins Blog | NFL’s Offensive Rookie Of The Month Is…
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Month, the league announced this morning. He’s the first Redskins rookie to win the award since offensive tackle Chris Samuels in October, 2000. Outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was named the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Month last September.

The Redskins Blog | Griffin III Appears On ‘MVP Watch’ List
"Griffin ranks 10th in QBR and fourth in NFL passer rating. He ranks third in completion percentage, third in yards per attempt (8.6) and 16th in rushing yards. Washington ranks third in yards per game, thanks largely to Griffin. The Redskins are weak on defense, putting additional pressure on Griffin to produce. The team might be lost without him. Griffin is coming off his first fourth-quarter comeback victory."

Redskins Legacy: The Seat Cushion Game
With the Redskins holding a 24-7 fourth-quarter lead over the Falcons in a divisional playoff game on Jan. 4, 1992, a seat cushion flew out of the upper deck of RFK Stadium. Suddenly, cushions came raining down on the field in what looked like "huge confetti," said Jim Lachey, a Redskins offensive tackle at the time. The Redskins gave away the seat cushions as part of a pre-game promotion for the sellout crowd of 55,181.

Washington Redskins Keys to the Game: Atlanta Falcons | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
In week one versus the Saints, the Washington Redskins held the ball for nearly 40 minutes, which proved to be the team's best defense versus New Orleans high powered offense. The Redskins need to do the same thing this week if they hope to slow down the Atlanta Falcons and all of their offensive weapons.

Fletcher Previews Falcons' Top-Tier Offense
"I think we’ve done some good things. There are a lot of things we need to improve on," Fletcher said. "We’re 2-2 through the first quarter of the season. Would we love to be 3-1, 4-0? Yes. We feel good about our football team."

All-NFC East Team: Week 4 update - NFC East Blog - ESPN
That in mind, how to compare what Manning has done so far with what Griffin has done? Both are 2-2. Manning has 250 more passing yards, but he's put it in the air 36 more times, and besides, Griffin has 249 more rushing yards, so that's a bit of a wash. Griffin has the far better completion percentage, a slightly higher yards-per-attempt average, one interception to Manning's four and the same number of fourth-quarter comebacks. Manning has more touchdown passes, 7 to 4, but again, Griffin's rushed for four. Manning had the spot on the team last week, so you'd think Griffin would have to have done something in Week 4 to overtake him. I say he did enough.

Washington Redskins are an obsession for owner Dan Snyder and writer Dave McKenna - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN

In ESPN The Magazine's DC Issue, Seth Wickersham writes the story of an overbearing team owner and a relentless DC writer and how their obsession with the Skins became a $2 Million lawsuit.

Alfred Morris explains his ‘home run’ celebration

During OTAs in the spring, Alfred Morris ran into some Little Leaguers from York and Lee Counties, who were staying in the same hotel as the Redskins for an All-Star tournament. "I hung out with them, swam with them. I ate cupcakes with them," the running back said, as he held up the cupcake he was eating while we were chatting (the man loves his cupcakes). "The following day I went and watched the game and they said I needed to do a celebration for them," Morris continued. "So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll hit a home run for ya’ll.’"

Robert Griffin III Excels for the Redskins -

Four games into his professional career, quarterback Robert Griffin III has given Redskins fans hope and become a transcendent figure around Washington.

Replacement refs say they were told to let pass interference penalties go on Hail Mary plays | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

The most controversial play of the season involved the Hail Mary at the end of the Seahawks-Packers game, where wide receiver Golden Tate blatantly shoved Packers cornerback Sam Shields in the back. No flag was thrown, but Elliott explained that the replacement officials had been instructed to not call pass interference during Hail Mary plays.