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Got Fantasy Football Questions for Week 9? Ask Dan Now!

Dan Ciarrocchi of Pro Football Focus and Hogs Haven will answer your fantasy football questions in "Dan's Sack," his fantasy football mailbag which will be posted on Thursday.


In honor of Halloween, I have to say that this is one of the scarier fantasy seasons I can remember. If you got screwed in your draft, or by injury, there really haven’t been many waiver wire pickups to bolster your team. So now, I’ve become paranoid that one of my studs will go down with some kind of injury and force me to watch my fantasy team get killed more gruesomely than that girl who falls down in a slasher movie. Why does she always have to trip and fall? Wear better shoes or something. Idiot girl.

Because of that, I understand that teams that are 3-5 or 2-6 and desperate to improve their teams have to rely on a few shrewd trades to give them any hope of making it to the playoffs. Luckily, I can help in that area more than I can help all of those tripping women in horror films. So if you have any questions about trades, pickups, starts/sits or who has the best costume this year, I can offer some help with that. For me, the front runner for best costume is the person who pulled off a phenomenal “Stupid Sexy Flanders.” Put your questions in the comments section or reach me on Twitter @PFF_Dan.