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First Hand Look at RGIII's EvoShield Under Gear

A look at Robert Griffin III's rib protector shirt.

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One of the cool things about writing for Hogs Haven is we get lots of samples of things. EvoShield was nice enough to send over one of their HybridPro Protective Rib Shirts...the same one Robert Griffin III uses.

Let me start off with saying this thing is fancy. Inside the package is two items: the shirt and a foil package. The shirt itself is soft like all under gear and only contains the two sewn in, military looking shoulder pads. I'll let the instructions explain how the foil package and rib pads work:

The ultrathin, lightweight GTS Rib Shields start soft and flexible but transform to hard and protective in minutes. Simply remove the Shields from the foil bag to air activate the custom-moulding process. Slide shield into the pockets of the compression performance shirt for the same personalized protection worn by elite professional and collegiate teams.

- Rip open the foil bag and exposure to air turns the soft gel pad into a hard, protective Shield.
- Place the Shield over the desired area of protection and it will mold to your body as it hardens
- The entire process takes 20-30 minutes and will last all season long.


I guess this is the part where I can be uber smart like the folks at and cut into the foil protectors to see further how it works, but donating this to a youth football program seems much more logical.

As funny as it would be to include pictures of me wearing EvoShield around the office and getting me through cubicle life, I'll punt on that one, too.