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Daily Slop: Cofield Brings Electricity to Redskins Defense; How Crucial is Sunday’s Game Against the Panthers?

Justin K. Aller


Holden & Danny: Wilson Says Referees Were Out Of Line During Deangelo Hall Incident " CBS DC
"The referees are not supposed to be on anyone’s side," Wilson said. "I haven’t experienced a referee getting into it with a player, and I don’t know why it would ever happen." Wilson mentioned that while he was trying to pull Hall away from the refs, they followed him, teammate Lorenzo Alexander and Hall as they were attempting to walk away from the situation and attempted to continue the argument.

DeAngelo Hall: ‘What Does it Take to Get a Flag?’ " CBS DC
"I thought it was a cheap shot," Hall said. "I got a lot of respect for the Steelers Organization. The receiver gets in my face and talks trash, I’m asking the ref ‘did you see that?’ " "Everyone in the locker room knows me but for me to walk away from that incident. Dude just slammed me. What does it take to get a flag?"

alfred morris: panthers game is a 'must win' | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
"It’s huge. It’s huge. The Carolina game is a must-win game for us going into the bye week," said Morris. "Especially for team morale and for momentum going into the rest of the season, we have to win before we go into the bye week."

barry cofield brings electricity to redskins' defense | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
Once he was acquired by head coach Mike Shanahan last year though, Cofield immediately began dreaming of what it would be like to win it all for a championship-hungry city like Washington. "I can only imagine with how starved the fans are around here, the type of reception we’d get if we were able to pull it off here," Cofield said. "It would be magical."

RG3 Report: Steelers review |
Did it matter if Robert Griffin III passed out of shotgun formation or from under center? Well, yes, but there’s a slight asterisk. Against Pittsburgh, Griffin dropped back to pass from under center eight times. He completed three, but they went for 72 yards – and he barely missed an open Logan Paulsen or he would have had more than 100 yards on four completions alone. It suggests that big plays are possible because of the play-action look. His 37-yard pass to tight end Niles Paul came from under center. And Dez Briscoe’s dropped touchdown pass came with Griffin under center. On passes from the pistol/shotgun formation, Griffin was 13 for 26 for 105 yards.

Redskins to wear 80th anniversary throwback uniforms Sunday
The Washington Redskins will wear their 80th anniversary throwback uniforms Sunday when they host the Carolina Panthers. The matchup has been designated as the Redskins’ annual Homecoming game. Last season, the team welcomed back more than 90 former players, coaches and staff members.

Mike Shanahan: Redskins could be 5-3 if not for injuries on defense
"It’s hard to look at it right now, because we’re not the same football team we were a year ago," Shanahan said. "We’re down four starters and three backups here. Seven players different than what you thought were going to be on your initial 21. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to improve. But we’ve got some guys playing a couple positions that they haven’t played. We’re going to work as hard as we can to change for the positive."

How crucial is Sunday’s game against the Panthers?
How crucial is Sunday’s game against the Panthers? Take a look at the second half of the schedule. Sure, Mike Shanahan says the Redskins aren’t that far from 5-3, but they’re 3-5. This season could end on a high note, or with another 5-11 record, and this Sunday is the first step in determining which way things go.

Redskins - Steelers Film Review: DEFENSE - Washington Times
The Redskins were beaten by a well-designed Pittsburgh offense that exploited advantageous individual matchups in the passing game and thrived because Washington generated almost no significant pressure on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers beat Washington’s zone coverage by effectively putting pass defenders in conflict, and they beat press-man coverage using pick plays and separating from defenders with crisp, well-timed routes.

Redskins at mid-season: Hope for the future but many current needs - The Washington Post

"We all know the record defines who you are," he said. "But if people can’t look at the offense and figure out we’re a different team, then they don’t have a background in football."

Jury still out on Redskins’ free agent class - The Washington Post

"Well, obviously, with Pierre, I liked the first quarter [he played]," Coach Mike Shanahan said. "I thought that was great. If he would’ve kept it up, he’d have some great stats, but unfortunately that hasn’t worked out. I’m hoping he comes back. I would like to have him come back this week, but I think it’s probably more conceivable after the bye week, because he’s still so far from being 100 percent."

Redskins players getting into the Halloween spirit

Kerrigan, along with teammates Alfred Morris, Joshua Morgan, Niles Paul and Brandon Banks, will be attending a Pediatric Halloween party at Georgetown University Hospital. While he has yet to decide on a costume for this year’s festivities, he’s leaning towards something more kid-friendly, perhaps in the super-hero genre. Paul’s best costume memory is so very Niles Paul. "I went as Luigi," he laughed, referring to the character from Super Mario Bros. "I had the gloves and the green overalls like Luigi, but I wore [Timberland boots] and had my overalls hanging on one side. I called myself Thug Luigi."

Washington Redskins Podcasts & Blogs - Youth of the (Redskins) Nation; Developing Young Wide Receivers

The Redskins receiving core dropped 10 balls in the game. The weather didn’t help, but it wasn’t exactly raining cats and dogs, and they were wearing gloves. And Robert didn’t always deliver the best ball either. Dezmon Briscoe’s first and only catch (after dropping one in the end zone) came on a pass that was behind him. Still, if the ball hits you in the hands, you’re expected to catch it.

Video: Nine drops by Redskins receivers put an asterisk on RG3′s stat line | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

"It's been a long time since I've had a game like this, relative to that many opportunities that you didn't take advantage of when guys were open. I was disappointed," Shanahan said after the game. "I don't care where the placement is. As long as it hits your hands, you had better catch it or else you won't be in the National Football League for very long." Griffin, showing a poise and professionalism many veterans fail to exhibit, said that it's all about a process, especially with Pierre Garcon and Fred Davis out of the picture with injuries. "It's just about execution, and whether you have a drop or a bad play here or there, they have to know that I'm going to come back to them, because these are the guys I have to play with," Griffin said. "If I make a bad pass, the coaches aren't going to stop calling pass plays. I have to go out there and make a good play throwing the ball. I think that's the main thing you tell them, that I'm going to come back to them no matter what happens, and I need them to make plays for me."